Allopregnanolone Precursor

I see quite a few people talking about the release of Allopregnanolone tablets in the near future, to raise allo all we need to take is the precursor which is 5α-dihydroprogesterone. I tried it and within 10-15 minutes I felt its effects.

Has anyone tried 5α-dihydroprogesterone ?

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What kind of effects did you notice?

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There were far more anecdotes about DHP on the old solvePFS forum. From what I remember, there were a few people who said it helped to varying degrees and far more who said it didn’t. I can’t recall anyone mentioning being harmed by DHP, but that’s not to say it didn’t happen. This treatment was based on an assumption that the 3a-HSD enzyme(s) responsible for the reduction of DHP were at adequate levels for most of those who attempted it.

That’s great that you noticed an almost immediate effect, so you aren’t left wondering “is this really doing something?”

Before you continue participating here, make certain to post a member story so that others have some idea of your background. The member story topics are also a great place to share treatments/improvements since your symptom profile will be in the same location.

You can also take Fluoxetin or Fluvoaxmin in very lowe dose (1-2 mg) to raise Allo without any effect on Serotonine.

I’ve been taking fluoxetine for 2 months and haven’t noticed any of the improvements allo should bring

I took it for one year from july 2018 to july 2019 and its benefits were libido, brain fog lifted, harder erections, energy and motivation and better well being.

After one year I started to feel not to good but I think this could be because the underlying hormones were not balanced from taking 5a DHP, example when you take TRT you also got to also supplement the precursor hormones or after a while you will start to crash.

Yes honestly I felt something within fifteen minutes, like something I was missing was being replenished and the benefits, libido, better anxiety, better mood and brain fog lifted.

I will do the introduction in the next day or two. just know that my intentions are genuine and im honest in all my posts as honesty will get us all the farthest in this.

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What this 5a DHP product does is bypass Progesterone and 5ar as 5ar converts progesterone to 5a dhp and finally goes to Allopregnenalone. I dont know if Fluoxetine does this in this respect.

I think if you take 5a DHP you will notice something and alleviate some symptoms I beleive as this bypasses 5ar to convert 5a dhp to allopregnenalone.