Allopregnanolone pill -- coming in 6-7 years

Allepregenolone, an important neurosteroid in the brain…Maybe available through a “pill” form to replenish this neurosteroid within 6-7 years…Could this be the missing piece to the puzzle?

You can use a progesterone cream to increase the level of allopregnanolone.

Definitely something worth trying for a PFS sufferer. 6-7 years is a long time to wait and even then, it could be like Xyrem/ GHB where it is only prescribed in very specific cases.

Both GBH and allopregnanolone are not too hard to get ahold of.


Yeah I don’t think that’s easy to get a hold of

Yes if they where easy to get a hold of i would love to know how. How does one even get Allopregnaolone?

It seems you can buy it here

Using the spray. So far it just makes me fuzzy headed, and makes my nose all sticky. The producers have admitted it’s only 60% purity, to there’s maybe that.

Is that spray the only Allopregnalone supplement out there at this time?

Right, definitely has a calming effect. But won’t the brain down-regulate endogenous Allopregnalone from using this?

There seems to be sources of powdered Allopregnalone available online. Wondered if it’s worth trying, may do more damage then good though.

Couldn’t Hurt. Do you have any links to the powders?

If you literally google Allopregnanolone + research chemicals, and variations thereof, there’s a few sites that come up that look legit. Never used any though so can’t verify their reliability.

This stuff definitely works for anxiety but not a lot else.

So you don’t think the Powder of Spray form of Allopregnalone would help with insomnia?

Ummm I actually think my sleep has gotten worse since taking it, however that may be a coincidence. A few people have said the same on Prohormones forum, so no I wouldn’t advice it for insomnia.

That’s weird considering raising Allopregnalone levels should be alleviating insomnia?

is it safe to use this spray?


Glycine and Gelsemine, a principal alkaloid from Gelsemium sempervirens Ait. (homeophatic medicine), sinergistically increase byosynthesis of ENDOGENOUS Allopregnanolone.

Also, Uzara Root’s main component is Allopregnanolone

Will someone try it out? I think I’ll order the homeopathic one plus glycine

Considering trying the above protocol as well. Worth as shot.

trying to get my hands on this supplements, called EVERYWHERE in Brussels and no one sells GLYCINE…

Are you from Europe?
Where do you get your suplements from?
More important, what brands to choose? Im inclined to Jarrows and Now foods… I really want to try this ASAP before I get deeper into medication, currently 5 days into it. (mirtazapine+clonazepam)