Air conditioning, molds, allergies and... "sick building syndrome"?

Hi everyone, long time i don’t write here. I’d like to expose something weird i think i noticed about this whole crap, at least regarding to my own symptoms.
Before writing i made some search and now i’d like to expose what i suppose is happening to me. You may already be aware that some of us have new allergies while others claim have no more allergies.
Now the story i want to tell.
Years ago, when i still used to take the poison (aka finasteride) and didn’t know was so damaging, i started having very itchy throat and chronic cough around every august/september. That was the period in which i used to turn the air conditioning system on, in my bedroom. Then i noticed a moldy odour coming from that object and when i asked my brother to open it and clean it (he cleaned it with bleach), it was full of mold indeed. After the cleanse, i had no more symtoms for a while but then appeared again: i can no more enter my bedroom without having itchy throat and chronic cough, even without turning the system on! We opened the system again and looked clean inside…
Now i sleep in another room, and my parents think i’m completely crazy.
And if things were not enough hard yet, read this: i cannot touch objects that stay in that room, i cannot use my desktop computer, my chair, my table… even if i bring them somewhere else… NOTHING! I tried, but i started having that itchy throat again!
And i’m the only one at home having these problems… and this makes my parents think i’m even more crazy than before…

Making some research i saw that exists a thing called sick building syndrome, a number of symptoms due to airborne things such as molds or formaldheyde… but in my case i wonder if finasteride made something to my immune system or if i should just do something to my room… but what? i already cleaned everything with an anti-mould spray but i t doesn’t work…
Should i use an ozone generator? Should i use a “ionizer”? These objects seems pretty expensive and can even destroy materials such as aluminum (oh no! my computer…) or plastic… (oh no! everything i’m supposed to work with!) Or is it just PFS wreacking havoc in my immune system? Should i focus on my pfs instead of my room and the molds?
Uh, i also noticed i do not tolerate any kind of conditioned air anymore, not only in that room, but everywhere… i got a light itch in the throat everytime i’m exposed to conditioned air…

What about you? Have you noticed anything similar?

I have problems with air conditioning too. Hayfever like symptoms. After being on a plane I got extremely sore joints on top of the allergiic reacions. At first I thought it was a councidence but this has now happened after the last 3 flights. I thought it was just me and that my brain was bringing in physical sides. I told my sister but felt like a fucking lunatic. She actually suggested the air con! Ie something in the system that Pfs has made me sensitive too.

Did you get itchy throat and cough? If yes, how long did it last? I have those symptoms even for long after leaving the room…

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Yes mate unfortunately I now have it as an intermittent side, I vaguely recall it took a few days to clear originally.

Same here. Look what i just read: “While molds can trigger allergic symptoms, like any other allergen, they rarely cause serious health problems, except in people who are seriously immunocompromised or on chemotherapy”

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WTF mostly everything points to changes to our immune system.

What’s more likely happening is that you’re covering up the smell with a fragrance of some kind which is toxic to males and bad for your lungs as well.


So if you’re using a fragrance to cover up the smell, get rid of it. You’re even more sensitive to them because of PFS. If you’re not using fragrance or anything else listed in that article, then it probably is the dust or the mold. Maybe time to throw out some old furniture?

And I have the same exact problem with conditioned air BTW. Makes my throat dry. Same with perfumes which are in the same bag. One time somebody sprayed perfume at school and it was so strong I had to cover my nose with my shirt collar. My eyes were still exposed however, and the perfume dried them out so much I could hear my eyelids blink.

It’s unfortunate we’re exposed to these chemicals. I believe pesticides and systemic outdoor and indoor air pollution is a huge factor behind PFS.

No, i’m not exposed to fragrances… Everytime my parents get them and use them, i ask them to stop (while they think it’s all in my mind, of course).
The problem now is that the whole room is not accessible and is full of stuff i need to study, for example… i cannot even move the desktop computer to another room, even getting in touch with it makes my throat itchy…

So you have dry throat, no itch? Well, dry throat might happen even to not pfs people when exposed to air conditioners… But i’m not saying your symptom is not due to pfs, i know that pfs can produce every sort of unimaginable shitty symptom…

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No, it gets dry and itches as a result of the dryness. And that’s good that you don’t use fragrances, it took a lot of convincing to get my parents to stop using them. Our house was loaded with xenoestrogens. I’ve purged most of them hopefully.

Did you check your IgE?

dunnow, maybe… i made an allergy prick test maybe in 2018, maybe in 2019… allergy to cats and dust mites confirmed, dunnow if i got tested for molds too.
dunnow if my IgE was tested… why?

Did you notice if you get the same symptoms, including itchy throat, when exposed to other air-condioned environments, in addition to airplanes?

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Yes mate