After using Hcg,my T and E2 are on a very high level,what should I do

Why did Proviron can cure him?I think we can only recover by a miracle

This was his post.

Research… we already know something’s wrong with our receptors…so why to wait more !

Meanwhile u can take the survey and help the research !

Have you tried fasting?I’d like to have a try

Yep i tried it for 6 days, water fasting. No long term effects, felt very weak for few days even after stopping fast.

@swq5803000 I wouldn’t completely write hcg off. The general consensus around here is to do a low dose protocol everyday for months. From what I’ve gathered on here you’re doing a protocol for a normal person and usually doesn’t give any of us results

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I dont understand.normal person?I’m injecting myself with HCG.And I am not a normal person.I would like to have a small amount of HCG injected every day, but I have to go to the hospital and ask the nurse to give me an injection. It’s too much trouble to go every day.

Or else u could try a low dose of 250IU every Monday, Wednesday, Friday… a guy here got cured from it ! It may help.

I have three injections left, and then I’m ready to stop the HCG

hey,bro.I have tested my AR cag segment repetition.The result is 27.

How are you feeling now

I found this article;

Seems he suggests to try proviron if you hormone levels are good/high enough. So in your case proviron seems to be next logical step if his theory is correct. Also seen some recovery stories with proviron.

But of course this is best done under supervision of a doctor.