After using Hcg,my T and E2 are on a very high level,what should I do

My T is 54.7 nmol/L (normal level is 4.94-32.01)
My E2 is 335 pmol/L (normal level is 40-161 )
And after I stopping fin,My T and E2 are always on a normal level,but I still feel bad. What’s my probelms?

Androgen Receptors.

Yes,I know.So there’s nothing I can do now.I had thought HCG would help me, and now my last hope was gone,

Have u tried any other androgens? Like DHT?

I did a DHT level test yesterday, but I think the high probability is normal.I’ll tell you when the results come out.I have not tried other exogenous androgens because my hormone levels have always been normal, and using these also inhibits my internal androgen production

We belong to worst category of PFS ie; the androgen receptor PFS. Hormonal therapy doesn’t work for us nor any exercise or diet. I just feel this like a curse. All my muscles are dead and just wasting away.

I feel so bad,bro.I dont konw what should I do

I feel so bad,bro.I dont konw what should I do…

Have you done the AR CAG segment repetition test?

No bro these tests are not even available in this country. But I am 100% sure my problems are with androgen receptors becoz I took a Proviron tablet on Oct last year and didn’t feel anything for 3 weeks. After that I took 6 tabs at once and it made me worse.

So why if it’s all clear that it’s the Androgen receptor why is there no 100% focus by the PFS foundation. Melcangi and all the users over here to find a way to repair the AR?

People like @awor already made it clear there’s some severe problem with our androgen receptors (don’t know about hypogonads here).

What about money?

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I have done AR CAG segment repetition test and dht level test .And I will tell you result.And how long have you had PFS? And How are your muscles now?

1 year

Totally dead, I lose balance while walking. Exercise has no effects. My body went from a bodybuilder to an aids patient since that last 1 mg dose.

What was the result?

I read somewhere here even this CAG repeating test is not enough in our case as it only rules out what has happened to our dna.

Well, high estradiol isn’t good anyway my man. It’s going to merk your sex drive anyway. Maybe try something like DIM to lower the estradiol.

How long since your last HCG injection?
If its anything less than two to 3 weeks i would wait it out…HCG isnt permanent…At least not in normal ppl, so i dont know about us.

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3000IU twice a week. I’ve had six injections.I have HCG injections every Wednesday and Sunday

But how long have you been off?

about 3 days