Adderral for Brainfog?

Has anyone’s brainfog been helped by taking Adderral?


Benzodiazepines have helped with brainfog. If you have high anxiety, adderall will increase it drastically.

I have considered trying it as I already take a benzo on and off. Maybe vyvanse would be a better alternative as it is not as stimulating as adderall?

Thank you for the reply. Has your brainfog been helped by Benzodiazepines? And/or have you heard of other PFS sufferers who have been similarly helped?

Do Benzodiazepines help your brainfog?

It’s hard to tell, sometimes I feel better after taking one but I believe i might just feel more clear headed because I’m not as panicky and anxious. I wouldn’t recommend it as a long term option though because they’re addictive and cause tolerance. Can also be hell to withdraw from

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In my case, brain fog also correlates with blood sugar level. When I’m hypoglycemic, I get ADHD.


Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Interesting! My Doc thought that might be the case. I did blood tests like a diabetic during times I had bad brain fog, but there was no significant change. I guess we are all different.

May also be reactive hypoglycemia, which doesn’t show up on a blood test. I measued my blood glucose when I felt my worst and it was 82. Try having a banana and see if you feel better within the next 30mins, more or less.

When I first crashed on saw P at 26 my blood sugar was also low. Doctor said I had hypoglycemia. Blood sugar remained out of wack for a few months. It corrected it self though and does not go low anymore . My guess is that my body was releasing excessive amounts of insulin in response to crashing

These are some things that made my reactive hypoglycemia worse:

  • Too much fiber. Impedes the absorption of glucose and fat from foods.
  • Eating meals with too much simple sugars.
  • Low fat diet. Fats help stabilize blood sugar longer. Consuming ghee and olive oil with boiled potato before bed helped me get through the worst times.
  • Some probiotics & prebiotics do this.
  • Low E2 and low cortisol also screw blood sugar.

Yes they help with brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, tinnitus, and a bunch of other things—at least for me.

Not for me. I have severe fatigue and it helped with that. It also increased my sex drive—at least for a little while. If you are a person with a lot of anxiety, it will dramatically increase it.

I don’t think there is much difference between adderall and the other drug you mentioned.

There’s not but I’ve taken both in college and the vyvanse was way less stimulating if you have anxiety. That’s why I mentioned it as an alternative

Unfortunately I can’t eat any kinds of fruits or any kinds of sugars (honey, sugar, etc.)

Simple sugars are counterproductive in case of hypoglycemia. Best course of action would high fat diet that also include fiber and starchy foods (e.g brown rice; potatoes).

Try cortef instead.

Has this helped you with brainfog?