Acetyl L-Carnitine

I’ve read online that it is supposed to increase fertility in men by increasing sperm motility. I also read that it is supposed to help treat Peyronie’s Disease. Furthermore, there are some online forums where men have noticed an increase in acne/oil production while taking Acetyl L-Carnitine, as well as, increased facial hair thickness and faster growth. They also seem to complain of hair loss. To me, it looks like smyptoms of increased DHT:

“I’ve noticed that as I added yet another capsule of LEF’s preparation (started at 1 am now at 4 every morning upon arising), I’ve been getting acne. I’ve got oily skin and I was prone to acne while growing up. I’ve also noticed that my beard grows much faster and thicker each capsule I add. People tell me that the skin on my face and neck is getting tighter, looks thicker and smoother. Could these be effects of increased pep in the cells?”

Another guy on the Mind and Muscle said this about Acetyl L-Carnitine:

“Even though I didn’t see this mentioned, I have noticed a denser, quicker growing facial hair since starting taking Acetyl L-Carnitine (1x500mg/day in the morning) for about a month.”

My Question:
Has anyone ever tried this supplement with any success? Does anyone know anything information about this supplement? Is it safe, should it be cycled, how much should we take, etc.?

this seems promising. hopefully it will help sexual sides but beard growth has been an issue for me recently and even an acceleration in that wouldnt hurt. ive read stories of success and no results with the stuff but im gonna give it a go shortly. ill post results on here

any updates by any body ?

does l carnitine break down in the body to acetyl l carnitine? ive been taking l carnitine and feel a little better and had some good hsard ons but then today out of nowhere i couldnt get anything when with my girl. really frustrating so idk about this one so far. im only 6 days 1g a day on so maybe something completely different

Anybody taking this and having success?
There is some debate on the difference in absorption and efficacy between L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Some studies show that acetyl-l-carnitine is better able to cross the blood-brain barrier, where it acts as an antioxidant. ALCAR is also thought to improve insulin response. But since the body produces ALCAR on its own, the question might rather be whether one has an L-Carnitine deficit to begin with, since L-Carnitine is required for the production of ALCAR.

i have been taking acetly l carnintine for a few days now and havnt noticed much.

been taking 1500mg alcar 600mg alpha lipoic acid daily. only 5 days and nothing to speak of at the moment but i believe it will take a few weeks to a month of use before i notice real improvement. hoping for the best and will post anything i notice other than that im only taking vit d and ginkgo biloba

I have noticed this thread a while back but havent answered yet since I thought ALCAR was a pretty standard supp commonly taken by many here… Ive been taking it (between 1000 and 1500mg with 100 to 300mg ALA) for years now, on and off but for pretty long periods of time, and while I think its a beneficial supplement for us (well it is for everybody actually, do some research) I dont beleive that it is by any mean a cure… It could play a part in (support) recovery but I dont think it will cure anybody by itself.
I dont really notice any effect anymore, but everytime I come off and go back to it, I can feel a tremendous boost in energy (borderline anxiogenic) and cognitive ability -dont take it evening you wont sleep-, but that effect eventually subsides. So it might be better to cycle it, but based on what i have read it is beneficial taken long term, has many other positive effects on our body beyond the initial energy boost that is most noticeable.

ive been doing 500 mg with 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid daily. i bumped it up to a thousand mg and i my eyes would get really bloodshot for some reason and eye drops didnt help so i moved it back to 500. my skin has become really oily and ive been getting acne everywhere. not a clue what that means because theres little improvement elsewhere. my beard is coming in faster but not to the point where its worth it. erections and libido dont seem to be effected at all. i can get wood thats hard enough for penetration but nothing impressive. im gonna do another month for sure and see if im doing any better

I havent been able to get ALCAR in Canada (I believe it’s banned).

Will have to find a vendor in the USA.

I have an old bottle of L-carnitine lying around though.

L-carnitine recently came up in a discussion between myself and a few friends of mine who are into bodybuilding. One of my friends mentioned that l-carnitine may work via increased AR sites or AR sensitivity. There appears to be some evidence to back him up:

Probably will add this after I finish my current run on creatine.

Sounds good. Will you be trying ALC or LC? Thx.

Worth a try, bear in mind though, it has been known to lower thyroid levels, so if your thyroid is underactive this may not be a good idea. Personally though my thyroid is overactive so definitely worth a shot.

I’ve been using ALCAR + r-ala +coq10 for 6 years now, basically since i crashed. it was one of the first things that i noticed helps with slight energy boost / clearer thinking. i used to take it every day, but rarely take it anymore.

its a nootropic, so it helps mentally. the l carnitine supposedly is good for fat loss and mitochondria. the acytel group attacheched to the carnitine (hence ALCAR) acts as a nuerotransmitter. slight mental boost.

it is by no means a cure. there are studies that show carnitine adds adrogen receptors to cells, but that study was not with ALCAR or l-carnitine, it was with another from PGCAR or something like that

I’m thinking of taking this supplement, does anyone have any good experiences with it?. Is it safe to take? Would a daily dose of 500mg be the correct dosage.

Its available at a health food shop in the UK:

Have you tried it?
How do you feel?

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