Absence of Tzinkman

Dear members,

our fellow staff member @Tzinkman has been absent from the forum for several weeks now and will likely continue to be absent from the forum for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, he had a massive crash with very severe neurological symptoms, is currently in a hospital and, among other things, struggles to operate anything with a screen.

I realize that he was in contact with several members here via PM. If you have been in contact with Tzinkman via PM in his capacity as a staff member and want to discuss things further, please contact other members of the staff.

@Tzinkman is a great, intelligent guy who has quickly become an important member of our team and has been very involved in our projects. We are deeply saddened and worried by his sudden worsening, but still hope that his symptoms will improve over time. Our thoughts are with him and his mother.

Your staff


I’m very sorry to hear this news. He is a very smart guy and I hope he recovers soon. If it’s not too much to ask, was this massive crash brought about by any known cause? Anything in particular forum members should avoid in order to not suffer a similar severe crash?


I had regular contact with him regarding the you- tube project. He comes across as a very bright and caring lad. This disease is just abhorent and destructive to the core. I hope that he gets back to his baseline soon. I will pray for a helping hand from upstairs. All the best @Tzinkman


He has been on Mirtazapine for two years, I think. Obviously, any AD is a huge risk, but his original crash was already at the severe end of crashes, so taking this risk was understandable. That said, it is not even clear whether Mirtazapine caused this new crash or something else. But I guess it is the best bet.


Mirtaz helped with my sleep only then brought on weight gain, sleep apnoea and just a general worsening. I stopped it then was advised to restart a year or so later I was so desperate that I agreed but one more pill blew me apart and took me to an even darker place. It’s poison to some of us. I feel for him this is just terrible. How old is he


I always appreciated his good advices and his encouraging words! I wish him all the best and that he gets well soon!!


This has ruined my day. Such a good person always willing to help. We went through the thick of it together. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


From what I’ve read of him he’s a good lad.

Sending you my best wishes mate, hope you’re on the mend soon.

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