A statistical irrelevant minority - A list of pharma scandals and their "statistical irrelevant " victims - Stand up and fight!

The statistical irrelevant minority - a list of “hidden” pharma scandals and their victims

A very competent psychiatrist, wish I have had him before pfs, told me how pharma driven medical mainstream handles “rare” cases with horrific side effects from a common medication.

If 1.000ths benefit from full hair like Kevin Mann and one who’s life is over, the benefit for 1000 takes more than the one loosers life.

These loosers are a statistical irrelevant minority. Even if they commit suicide it’s statistical irrelevant. You won’t find it in an official statement. There Merck in the first front is a big crowd of philanthropics.

The german pharma philanthropics like Bayer (Aspirin) and Höchst now sanofi aventis have been the first with a big brown poops on their white vest. They had their own factory in Auschwitz in the second world war. The trail ended up with mild penalties for the prepetators and the victims had gotten their death penalty already.

The next horrific scandal was the Contergan scandal. The company Chemie Grünenthal in Aachen Germany has been never ever sued for this.

Experts estimate that thalidomide led to the death of approximately 2,000 children and serious birth defects in more than 10,000 children, with over half of them in West Germany.

“A statistical irrelevant minority?!”

The 55.000 Vioxx death one of the scandals even Merck could hide anymore. It was David Graham, associate director for science in the FDA Office of Drug Safety, who took action to kick Vioxx from the market and testified that Merck should have withdrawn the medication from the market years earlier and criticized agency actions related to the treatment.

Steven Galson, acting director of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, at the hearing criticized the study about Vioxx as “irresponsible” and “junk science.” However, FDA on Jan. 3 approved the study for publication (Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, 1/4).

“A statistical irrelevant minority?!”

Suicide murders and murders on SSRI’S are not even a statistical irrelevant minority, they are still not exists as you can read in the following case studies.

Children on SSRI’S and children without sexuality, puberty and any sence of life.

“A statistical irrelevant minority?!”


Absolutely sickening and this won’t be the half of it!!!


Erik added the biggest lawsuits against the pharma cartels on a chat. It’s disgusting, humilating and extremely disturbing that the cartels rather lose a lawsuit than withdrawal their product or change their perverted methods. 55.000 Vioxx death cases are these statistical irrelevant minority!


The 6. Nuermberg trail against warcrimes and crimes against humanity. Historic film material about the IG Farben trail against chemical and pharmaceutical companies “IG Farben” (Bayer, Höchst etc.). Should be the end of chem and pharma crimes?!


Accutane the Annabelle Wright suicide drug. Happy Roche developer family lives its life, Family Wrights life is destroyed forever and Annabelles life was wiped out for pharma profit. Roches jumped out the drug selling after having their profit and cares a shit about the victims as Merck, Pfizer etc. do.


234 reports of suicide among Accutane users worldwide from 1982 to December 2003 already, but who cares?! Hoffmann La Roche family clans (Handelszeitung) profitable drug is still on the market.

His doctor testified that he was so vigilant in watching for signs of depression and aggression that he once called the boy’s mother, Julia Bishop, because he had overheard a minor argument between Charles and his grandmother.

Carolyn Glynn, a spokeswoman for Hoffmann- LaRoche, declined to comment on the court filings, citing a company policy of not doing so in any legal case.

The drug company has denied Accutane is linked to suicide, but does warn doctors and users to watch for suicidal behavior.

The Food and Drug Administration said it has 234 reports of suicide among Accutane users worldwide from 1982 to December 2003; that includes 179 in the United States. An estimated 13 million patients have used Accutane since its debut in 1982.

Even swiss handelszeitung call the owner family a clan


Heroin! An ugly street dealer’s brew?

False, failed.

It’s an old BAYER pharma company sedation medication.

143.000 Heroin related death cases in USA from 1999 until 2020. Not a dealers invetion an old pharma cartels medication.


EVONIK the new philantrophic image of the Zylon B producer Degussa

Coating our daily pharma pills!

“Let them eat pills”

During World War II, one of Degussa’s (Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheide-Anstalt, “German Gold and Silver Refining”) subsidiaries, Degesch (translation: German Corporation for Pest control), was the main manufacturer and distributor of the chemical Zyklon B, which was used to murder people in gas chambers of German extermination and concentration camps during the Holocaust.[5] Furthermore, gold dental fillings,


Minoxidil producer Johnson & Johnson and the Opioid crisis in North America

Since 2000, more than a million people in the United States have died of drug overdoses, the majority of which were due to opioids.

On the top Johnson & Johnson’s former “block buster drug” Fentanyl


Horrible cunts


Nothing about this anywhere?!

Is there any kind of Omertà? Like media headlines never talk about finasteride and SSRIs? The first big industrial cocain producer hasn’t been Coca Cola or Escobar.

1884 Merck produces 3,179 pounds of Cocaine.

1886 Merck produces 158,352 pounds of Cocaine.

The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs: Cocaine, A New Epidemic, by Chris-Ellyn Johanson


The absolute perverted history of developing finasteride by Mercks Roy Vagelos and another finasteride suicide case.



Dangerous Antidepressants for treating bedwetting children over the age of five!

Imipramine is used to treat depression (Imipramine is also used to treat bedwetting in children over the age of five and night terrors)

473 pages night wetting experiments with tricyclic antidepressants (Imapramine and Amitriptyline) on innocent little children. Both can cause pssd and other bestiary side-effects.



Crazy that this is legal.


"Patient Centered Care"

For me it’s perverted cynism availible and linked to the UK government department of health and social care
The government and the National Clinical Guideline Centere at the Royal College of Physicians publish a study inocent children treated with dangerous Antidepressants for bedwetting.

Unbelivible, I’ll sent it to Prof Healy.


58.000 death cases per year in Germany by pharma pills only in the field of internal medicine Prof. Jürgen Fröhlich, Medical University of Hannover, Institute for clinical Pharmacology.

4 german TV documentations about the pharma cartels on Frontal 21 ZDF (Pfizer Zoloft Suicide), ADHS - target group children (Strattera an Eli Lilly norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor and Medikenet, Methylphenidat), pathologization of more and more states of suffering, pharma invents more and more new diseases. I hope there is a translation tool.


The story behind Prozac - 27 death during clinical trails ignored, denied.

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More than 100,000 deaths each year might be related to medication complications. Only in the US.

Google search

Based on that study, at least 250,000 Americans die each year due to some sort of medical error. But, depending on what is considered a medical mistake, that number could be as high as 440,000.17 Jan 2022

More than 100,000 deaths each year might be related to medication complications.

Google recitation:

A few years ago, a John Hopkins University School of Medicine study revealed that medical malpractice could feasibly be the third-leading cause of death in the country. Based on that study, at least 250,000 Americans die each year due to some sort of medical error. But, depending on what is considered a medical mistake, that number could be as high as 440,000.

Other medical malpractice statistics worth noting include:

Unnecessary surgery is believed to cause about 12,000 deaths each year.More than 100,000 deaths each year might be related to medication complications.



Let them eat prosac, Prof Healy

As the SSRI disaster and tentousands of pssd victims can’t be hidden anymore the pharma complex starts up to manipulate the next receptor classes. It’s a question of time the next post drug syndrome destroyes uncountable lifes for the next pharma profit cycle.

Source: healthline with huge hers & hims finasteride and sertraline advertisment as we know and newest feature antidepressant online marketing


raises brain levels of the neurotransmitter gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). It’s developed for postperinal depression.

And whats the scandal about this?!

A new psych pill without long time experience feeded to young mothers suckle little babies. They need love and support and not chemical brain manipulation.

Thalidomide’s phenomenal effects on unborn childs are already forgotten?

Very interesting are the treatment costs. For 34.000 $ you can fund a daily 3h daily therapy with a nurse a therapist or a social worker 3h / 365 of 365 day for the first year!!

“The treatment can cost up to $34,000Trusted Source, though health insurance can help offset some of the cost. Companies like Aetna and Cigna require pre-authorization, so you’ll want to make sure your insurance provider covers the treatment before you check in to your clinic.”


Esketamine (Spravato) is a chemical cousin of the anesthetic ketamine. The FDA approved esketamine in 2019 to treat treatment-resistant depression, or depression that persists after you try at least two different antidepressant treatments.

Interesting are the costs for a standard dose and the first therapy month:

"As of 2021, a standard 56-mg dose of esketamine costs $590, and a large dose of 84 mg costs $885.

The initial month of therapy is often the most expensive since treatment guidelines recommend twice-weekly treatment for the first month. This first month can cost anywhere from $4,800 and $6,800 dollars."


“has two main effectsTrusted Source on your brain. It increases activity at melatonin nerve receptors, which helps you sleep. It also decreases activity at specific serotonin receptors and helps increase dopamine and norepinephrine in the frontal cortex.”

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Cool and trendy!

Hims & Hers and the incredible sexy success story of CEO Andrew Dudum. No wheat poops on his smart sexy clothes, selling dangerous psychmeds and hairloss products with online consultation only by checking some questions.

You can even buy there SSRI psychmeds like Zoloft Sertralin and Lexapro Exitalopram, with Celexa Citalopram the holy triumvirate of god the father, jesus and the holy spirit of getting pssd.

And the hims consumer video from Sumair

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We built Keeps because we want you—not your genetics—to decide what happens on your head. Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, Keeps co-founders

And let genetics decide if you get pfs or not!

Dear Steve and Demetri, do you throat finasteride yourself? Please let me know!