A Positive Story that indicated that we aren't flawed!

i suffer from pfs since 2014 and im 31 years old… numb penis, 0 libido, brain fogs… constant cold feeling…
in 2015 i flew abroad from israel to costa rica for a vocation… when i came back and landed in israel i had the craziest amount of libido for about 2 days, more then i had then pre pfs… my penis gained all of its sensitivity back and i could bang my girlfriend for hours and i had like 5 orgasms in 1 night…

i was telling myself since then that if i could have this feeling even if it was for two days that it must indicates that we arent damaged… because if i was damaged i couldnt have even 1 seconds of this feeling of crazy sex drive and high libido… my theory is that the flight changed something in my brains clock and reset stuff there…

these were the best two days i had since pfs started in 2014… for couple of days i walked in the street crazy horny as hell and restless… i now believe that we arent flawed and this can be somehow fixed… these 2 days gives me hope till this day!

i feel like somehow the brain “decides” to keep us this way ( i know it sounds weird)

any thoughts?


Just retry this experiment and see if you can make the same experience. best

Although I can’t remember specifics re: members etc, I have read others who believe that flights/holidays have seen a positive change in symptoms. If you do a search you should come across other testimonies.

On vacation and things appeared to come back?


when i was in the vocation in costa rica i really had fun and a had a good time but my libido was 0 and my penis was completely numb… only when i landed it changed… i told u its like the time zones shifts restarted something in my brain… i may be wrong but im just describing the feeling

Only thing I can think of is that you’re at a higher elevation in an airplane and I wonder if that had something to do with that? Like what the hyperbaric oxygen therapy does for people with traumatic brain injuries. Someone in the accutane forum stated a that our side effects are similar to those of a traumatic brain injury and that sometimes having the oxygen therapy can balance out a person. Just a thought.

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Around a week after taking clomiphene for the first time (3 doses of 25mg in the week prior) , I had the best day (and one of the few good days) in 20 years. I will also say that it was one of the last “good days” that I have had in my life. Felt like a man and a human being should feel.

Was able to have sex that was completely enjoyable, with no ED problems, 4 times that day. Not %100 libido as I remember it, but there was a definite urge each time. I was staying at a hotel with lit-up landscaping effects that evening and the atmosphere looked fantastic. Had a great time speaking with new people. Not that I would say I experience social anxiety, but it brought me real pleasure for a change, rather than being a dull experience. It’s difficult to describe, but a sensation that I remembered from the pre-Accutane days was over me for the entire evening.

Went back to typical state of being the next morning, and felt typical the day before.

Hate to even mention this because it makes the whole thing sound “psychological”, but this occurred during a 1 day ~500km/300mi road trip and overnight stay. Not a particularly stress-free day and I can think of no other factor besides “coming-down” from the effects of clomiphene that somehow brought this on.

Used clomiphene for a diagnostic test a few months later and nothing notable happened.

I’m very desperate to feel this way again, as we all are. This also gives one reason to believe there is some escape from PFS.

Thanks for sharing this talsmooth!


PFS started for me in January of 2017. I’ve had a few temporary recoveries which lasted anywhere from a single day (or a fraction of a day) to a little under a week. There are a few common attributes I’ve noticed in at least a few of my temporary recoveries.

My experience of PFS involves emotional anhedonia where things aren’t pleasurable and I’m not compelled to do anything exciting because that feeling is largely absent. Extremely low libido and penile sensitivity also feature. I also experience small degrees of pain, almost like muscular pains in my penis and prostate region. They don’t happen everyday but on most days. Erections are ok in a sense, but they are not full, where it appears the inner part of the penis fills up whilst the outer part doesn’t. The head of the penis, the glans, also remains rather unfilled and the penis kinks upwards from the base.

During recoveries the functionality of the penis is entirely different, where erections are more ‘horizontal’, the penis fills up completely (not just the inner part), and the glans fills up with a great deal of sensitivity.

Furthermore, libido comes back full-force, as in even before PFS, the libido is substantially higher than an ordinary day. It’s interesting to note that it reverts from extremely low to being extraordinarily high before again decaying to nothing. Emotions come back, as does motivation. Essentially, I return to normal for those brief periods.

The last recovery happened around 6 days ago on Monday. A few features to note specific to this recovery, but upon thought, they may be common to the other ones too.

  1. Sleep the night prior was disturbed. Recovery occurred on Monday, but on Sunday night i distinctly recall waking up at some unusual time (3am or thereabouts) and not being able to return to sleep for about an hour. When I awoke at 6:30am due to my alarm, I felt quite good, but the real feelings of recovery happened a little later in the morning.

  2. I masturbated that evening (which was quite an experience), and felt quite good even the next day. Things started going downhill at around 3pm the following day, where I started feeling unusually tired, yawning uncontrollably (this also happened when relapsing after my other recoveries). Then the pains started again in the genital region. Stabbing pains. The next day I was essentially back to square one.

Note that the commonality in terms of feelings of tiredness and sleep.

I wish I had a background in biology, but regrettably my background is in the ‘‘Hard Sciences’’. I had given this a few thoughts and had some overall points I’d like to raise:

  1. Could the disturbance of sleep prior to these aforementioned recoveries be the cause of the temporary recoveries? Psychiatrists have, for the past two decades been using sleep deprivation therapy to treat depression which is resistant to pharmaceutical treatment. Why it helps remains a mystery, but it’s theorised that it may be due altered levels of hormones and neurotransmitters in the body.

  2. Could it be that sleep disturbances cause hormones to shift favourably? There is a theory that due to androgen receptor (AR) overexpression (evidence of this in penile tissue has been demonstrated in PFS sufferers), the organs which rely on AR signalling get oversaturated with androgens, thus causing the organ to stop responding properly to the androgens.

Perhaps sleep disturbances causes a marked reduction in androgens which allow the receptors to drop below that threshold where they are oversaturated, and functionality restores to that where they are responding (still on the brink of oversaturation but just a little below). This theory is supported by PFS sufferers who report improvements after taking supplements and foods which are reputed to reduce levels of Testosterone in the body.

Why why why in these recoveries does libido go from nil to very high almost instantly? This supports the above hypothesis.

Food for thought!

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One reason could be that changing time zones or sleep patterns could have an effect on Cortisol production AS this is timeregulated.
You could try low dose dexa (0.25-1mg) before sleeping for a week and ween off.

Do you think it could be for taking sun for some days? it happens to me the first time I take sun every year

Dexamethasone has insomnia listed as a side effect.

Right. On dexa. Take phosphatydilserin at higher dosage.

I’ve experienced totally the same experience. I’ve went back to europe in 2015 and 2016 and every each time exactly the same thing happened for me. and also i should add that my symptoms are worse than yours. its so weird that i saw this happened to few people.

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In a hospital near my home, they have a Hyperbaric oxygen therapy machine. It’s actually the opposite of an airplane flight where we experience lower pressure and lower oxygen. Nonetheless, it plays on the same two factors as an airplane flight. I will try it out and tell you the results.


I have also felt a lot better on trips. I thought it might have been due to a better diet than the standard American diet

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