On vacation and things appeared to come back


I was on vacation for three weeks by myself… England, France, Italy,
Week 2 I started getting night time erections. A couple times I did not think nothing of it, however it was happening every night, and it was ridiculously hard natural erections, with some erotic dreams.
It was surreal… I wasn’t exercising, drinking plenty of beer when I could. Not as much soda or caffeine. Big English breakfast, sleeping a bunch

Back in the states a month or so later, and its all gone. It has made me think that my body has recovered but my mind has not, but who the fuck knows

Maybe its time to back to see a head doctor, not sure.
I have no idea what this meant or if I can use this information to get me back, but it was real, it felt real and no other boner stimulates.

A Positive Story that indicated that we aren't flawed!

Feel free to visit a psychologist to explore whether or not you have PFS (that is probably actually the preferable outcome) but that isn’t going to be the case for the majority of the guys on PH.

My belief is that PFS disrupted the stress response because allopregnanolone and the other neurosteroids that are synthesized from 5AR are basically stress regulators. Doesn’t seem impossible to me that a month of relaxing could bring improvements.


That’s really good news ‘Frustrated’. I can totally relate. I always feel improvements whilst on holiday and when I get back. Its not just the sun, because these were holidays to Iceland and Germany in the winter.
I don’t know if its because being extra relaxed helps or just a change of scenery. Our condition isn’t in the mind, but mental health definitely has an impact. When i’m feeling better mentally my symptoms improve.
PFS is a syndrome and so a lot of the symptoms are the same but everyone experiences it in a slightly different way.


Do you think diet may have something to do with it?


Probably it was his mood or the beer or both!


theres a few times over the years I have been on vacation and noticed some dramatic changes in pfs symptoms,i wrote some posts about it years ago,when coming home on the plane I would get very sexually aroused,the only things I do differently while on vacation is the constant sunlight every day,change in diet,i usually eat mainly meat, salad, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, lots of chillis and spinache etc,no carbs or sugar when on vacation,i drink very little to no alcohol ever,i think someone found a study on my posts years ago about this that said the altitude when up in the plane can cause hormonal changes,who knows??? maybe its the diet???


weather I have PF or not… haha fuck off Look at my sign up date. 2007.

I’m not sure what it is. I’ve thought a lot about diet, and maybe. I was drinking a shit ton, but not eating as much. Then again i was eating like shit when I did. Maybe just some unknown permanent Stress. I remember getting out of a shit relationship and my dick going back to normal for two weeks and I thought I was ‘cured’

The research says our bodies eventually heal, but maybe the mind doesn’t. fuck it. back to dick-less ‘normal’


“he stress response because allopregnanolone and the other neurosteroids that are synthesized from 5AR are basically stress regulators. Doesn’t seem impossible to me that a month of relaxing could bring improvements.”

oh youre one of those types…


He said improvements (to one factor) not a cure

Guys, no grown man who took fin (even 1 tablet) has a right to feel intellectually superior to any moron or layman with an opinion at least until he addresses the flaws that drove him to put trust in a company like merck


What does that even mean? Many PFS symptoms seem to overlap with a faulty stress response mechanism. Finasteride is known to impair neurosteroid production which is widely known, possibly even persistently if there’s an epigenetic change.

That doesn’t mean PFS is caused by stress but it will certainly could interact with it. If stress/relaxation alters neurosteroid levels from baseline, it isn’t crazy to believe that you may see some changes in PFS.

As also Ignite mentioned, I didn’t say that I believe “relaxation” is “the cure”. This is a really complicated syndrome with many feedback loops.


yeah i’ve read this a lot, the same story many times of people going on vacation and being completely better.

did you look at porn at all while on vacation? what about when you came back?


this is a neurological response. you’re in a new place, your brain will literally start carving out new neural pathways and, from what I’ve read, can even produce epigenetic changes. It makes total sense that a huge number of people will feel improved when traveling and adventuring. you can do this in your current place of residence too, but you have to challenge yourself and do something out of your comfort zone instead of the typical, day-in-day-out kind of routine most people have.