A long-term PFS sufferer says he is cured from the disease after undergoing this protocol

I will look into it. Are u planning to try this?

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Yes, definitely. Although I will try another SERM first, clomid.

Your bloodwork is interesting.

My LH and FSH are much lower than yours around 2.

I believe you’d be a good candidate for proviron too btw.

Edit why I say this, is that there’s a theory that your test levels should be good enough before trying proviron. Also read this: https:/ /moreplatesmoredates.com/post-finasteride-syndrome/#proviron_use_for_treating_post_finasteride_syndrome

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Just a stupid question if you permit , does HCG raises or lower your fsh/lh ? i’ve had contradicting returns

LH I think. Clomid raises both LH and FSH.

But just google it, it’s very interesting imo.

So it doesn’t lower FSH ? in reality it doesn’t really bother me that mutch but i still think that’s something i should be aware of bearing in mind that my fsh is very low around 2.0

I don’t think so. If you want to raise FSH too, you will have to take clomid or nolvadex.

Btw, FSH is mostly for sperm production if I remember correctly.

This is complex stuff though, please do your own research too.

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The user who recovered from the HCG protocol said clearly that we shouldn’t use it in conjunction with another hormones promoter or any herbal stuff , it should be exclusively HCG for the whole 6 months


I never said you should combine these but it’s not abnormal, HCG and clomid are sometimes used in conjunction as a PCT.

Yes but not for this specific protocol , we need to follow it strictly just like the user did

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When I was on Tamoxifen my balls got very bigger and i felt that I need to stop. I don´t see any reason to use it when our testesterone is already high.

Tamoxifen or Clomid are one last card in the deck. Leave them to use in really necessary situations and for a short time.

I used HCG before having PFS and the testicles really grow a lot. It greatly increases testosterone production. The only problem is that you would have to use it underground. Intramuscular injection is one of the most dangerous, you really need to learn how to do it. You need to pull the syringe to see if there is any blood. You can die of embolism.

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The SERM’s have affect on many things, not only test. It’s used primarily to reset the HPTA axis.

Btw weren’t you taking proviron, how is that giong?

hcg 250IU or 250 mcg ?

Yes i´am on Proviron, but lower dosages, 25 mg up to 50mg. I feel aggressiveness, harder erection and better mood, nothing else yet. I will try higher dosages in the future.
I realize that after about 10 days my libido decreases. If I rest for a few days the positive effect will return when I return to Proviron. I prefer my libido without using Proviron.


Interesting insight @backfromhell , looking at your past threads , did your sympthoms improve during the last 8 years ? and if so which sympthoms improved most ?

I’ve had no negative side effects or positive effects from hcg besides a little weight gain. I was only on it for a month or so

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Please take the survey :slightly_smiling_face:

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It seems to me that HCG may be the closest thing we have to a cure. At least, maybe it should be people’s go-to treatment. It seems to have cured or effectively treated quite a few people.


A 1987 study showed some benefit against ED with substantially higher doses of hCG that what the “joekools” protocol suggests. Interestingly, it didn’t raise testosterone levels, which is what was expected.

Googling “hCG Erectile Dysfunction” lists a few interesting references as well. It seems to be in use by others as an ED treatment, supposedly with no side effects (like finasteride). Dosage for hCG in studies and “treatments” seems to vary wildly and are much different than the “successful” “joekools” PFS treatment was.

A fortunate thing about hCG is it’s a legal substance that can be medically prescribed and administered, which reduces issues with injection. Hopefully there are benefits to us PFS’ers, and that these benefits are more than ED relief.


Voice, can you share dosage information and frequency when you took hCG and any effects it may have had on you?

Your prior posting about it said it was injected into your stomach, and the reported successful treatment was delivered intramuscularly. I don’t know if that’s considered the same, and the effect that has on the the delivery mechanism of hCG.

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Lol why are you putting “” next to Joekools name and successful? The Joekool guy is still active on raypeat forum.

And look up more about PCT’s and serms.

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