A long-term PFS sufferer says he is cured from the disease after undergoing this protocol

@jinstewart; would you attribute most of the improvement from HcG or just a small proportion of it?

Hey jin, glad to hear of your improvements mate.
You said you ran a proviron cycle in the past? Did you run it solo or with test ?

Even if the rules of the forum allowed me to attribute any improvement to any one thing, I don’t think I could quantify any of them. Is sleep being at 80% itself 30% of PFS? I’d struggle I must say. I don’t know I could call it. I am painting I hope something of a picture and hopefully also making something like sense too, but to break it down in that way is going to be beyond me, sorry @orthogs .

Also must stress I am NOT healed, I just seem to be responding really well mentally. I also have slightly better days, days where I’m slightly grumpy, where work stresses me out… the ups and downs of life get in the way a touch too.

Lol, hope that’s something like an explanation - I am probably not giving you the most helpful answers…

@Gord I ran it solo. As per Pal in all ways. For my time on it suicide ideation hit VERY VERY hard. I’d say tread carefully, but afterwards things got better. Settled a bit but got better.

EDIT - worth mentioning it’s midnight and I’m working for a big deadline tomorrow and I’m all pissed off currently sorry.


Thanks for your honest and detailed responses, much appreciated!

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What is MWF?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so three doses per week.

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HCG has not been trivial for me so I don’t know that closing the chapter is the best idea. I am still currently on it. Is it a cure? not outright, so far, at least for me. However, I was at the end of my rope, and HCG has been a tool that kept me going, so take from that what you will.

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How you holding up trav?

Have you had your HCG injection?I have tried HCG and I get very high T,E2,DHT levels, but my symptoms have not improved much.

Eh, good and bad days. I think I’m pretty much at the 6 month point now, though I took around a month off since I started the protocol but I think I’ve made up the time now.

I think HCG has been an excellent tool, I don’t know that i’d be here without it. I went from needing cialis to get a hard on to basically never needing it. I am definitely not cured however, and my dick is almost never hard on it’s own and If I get morning erections they are still typically weak and very short lived.

I plan on meeting with my doc soon as 6 months was the goal. I am pretty nervous about stopping as when I took my month off I felt pretty dreadful, but my hope is things just take some time to even out.

Interestingly, unlike others here, my T did not seem to increase at all from HCG. My doctor found this VERY strange. My estrogen was fine when tested as well, though the goal is to get another blood test in the near future.

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hey guys any more HCG experiences?
specifically ED improvements

You might find this interesting. This guy had low T and basically sounds like he had PFS-like symptoms. He got his T levels up through TRT but did not get libido back until he added HCG.

Someone (I wanna say orthogs) collected a bunch of people’s experiences with HCG and uploaded it to an excel sheet. My takeaway was that it’s helped quite a few people but I think only Joe and maybe a couple others were able to completely cure themselves with HCG monotherapy.

It would be good if @orthogs would release the hcg data survey for an objective measurement about hcg benefits.