7 weeks post crash update (improvements, but heart palpitations!)

It has been 7 weeks since my crash after being on finasteride for 4 weeks (o,5mg).

The past weeks have been the hardest in my life, mentally and physically. I started developing a lot of issues.


  • SEVERE anxiety (solved to some degree)
  • SEVERE depression (mostly solved)
  • Irritation (mostly solved)
  • Mood swings (solved)


  • Impotence (solved)
  • ED (solved)
  • Thyroid issues (subclinical hyperthyroidism) (solved? waiting for latest blood results)
  • LOW testosterone (solved)
  • Extreme genital pain and numbness (solved)
  • Tinnitus (solved)
  • Head pressure (solved)
  • Brain fog (solved)
  • Insomnia (went from 1-3h sleep to 6-7h)
  • Heart palpitations (worsened)

The past week has been good for me however. I have overcome most issues and I do not have any physical issues anymore other than continuing heart palpitations. My sexual function is just as pre-fin other than some testicle aches after ejaculation.

My mental state is much better, I could not even walk out of the house the first weeks. I can now socialize and trying to get back to work. Depression has been liftet a lot, and brain fog is not a major issue anymore. Derealization can hit rarely.

It seems like my only issue at the moment is CONSTANT heart palpitations and increased heart rate. Even when resting, I can feel my heart pounding all the time. When standing up or moving, it becomes worse and my heart even races. My doctors says that it is due to the anxiety, but I am certain it is not.

Anyone having experienced such heart issues?

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Also it should be noted that recovery from these issues has NOT been linear, and I am not fully recovered from my mental symptoms. I am in a much better place than the initial weeks, but there is a long road ahead of me. My doctors prescribed me SSRIs, I tried them out for two days and it worsened all of my symptoms so I quit. Beta blockers give me head pressure, so I avoid them at any cost.

Yeah im having them now, you commented on one of my other posts if you remember. I have been to ER multiple times now and had ECGs and discharged saying im healthy. Im seriously doubting it as well.

I have the heart palpatations/chest pain/ shortness of breath/racing heart/anxiety/hyperventilation? for around 2 months with periods of recovering like 4days then 4 days these problems in rotation. It makes me suspect it endocrine issue, i am going to check my thyroid as you suggested, im wondering if it is related is that the only thing causing the issues?

I also wonder if it could possibly be unrellated in my case to finasteride but how could i tell? its just a big coincidence it coincides with this timing. What is your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Mine have risen it seems since assesment pre problems. But still remain in “fairly” normal range.

I feel your pain bro, the last two months have been the worst in my life.

Did you take benzodiazipines at all and did that help with palpitations or is their concern it might make worse?

Yeah man I have no idea of the issue. We just have to ride it out and let time show it’s magic even thought it not seems like a permanent situation by us.

I believe my anxiety was gone long ago if the heart palpitations stopped, as I don’t believe they’re linked to each other. I’ve read iron should be good for that, so I’ll try it.

I took benzos and they’re making me worse, because this isn’t anxiety. Have you tried it?

I kind of suspect having POTS.

it is possible it is POTS. I havent been on benzos yet but have been hinted at by multiple DR’s.
They are fairly hard to obtain. Have you seen cardiologist/worn a holter monitor? Had echochardiogram?

Im sad to hear they are making things worse.

I had the echocardiogram done, but not the other things. My doctor says I should give it some weeks, if I still experience the issues to the same extent he will stick a monitor on me.

I don’t experience much anxiety these days. Low mood. Heart can still be felt.

My doctor told me even though your mind is calming doesn’t mean that your body isn’t stressed out still.

I’ll buy a smart watch to keep track with the pulse.

was the echo unremarkable? That point makes sense the bodys physiology may take awhile longer to readjust. If ECG’s are normal multiple times do you believe that would disclude heart issues in the majority of cases?

Keep in touch.

Hey man. My ECG is perfect.

I got blood results in today for hormones. Seems like they swing a lot still.

My DHEA came high, which causes an overactive adrenal gland. High DHEA causes high blood pressure, which explains my heart racing.

Seems like it’s all due to hormonal imbalance… I’ll talk to my GP and make him direct me to the relevant department at the hospital.

How did you solve your sides? Or did they just went away by themselves?

Hey. Well, I have no idea. My body has really responded very extreme to this situation. I was for instance fully impotence for a week, with severe pain down there. It all happened to get into order by itself, I had a healthy diet and tried to work out but I doubt these things had an impact.

My mental state was insane, I had kind of a nervous breakdown and hope to get over the mental sides. It’s devastating, constant nervousness and hopelessness. But better than the first month.

My testosterone went from 5nmol, to 20 and now it’s 13. Normal range is 8-28. Very odd, it’s swinging.

Your body tries to re-adjust, i have similar tendency. It will stabilize after a while im sure

Hey thanks for the response man. Yeah, it seems like my body is trying. Thyroid values went sky high but are normal now, and T is also within normal range so that’s something.

My sexual sides went quick.

Did you have heart palpitations? Noticing your heart beat even though slow?

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not that, but try to ignore it, i suspect its your anxiety, nothing that would hurt you

Hey man. Just wanted to give an update.

My endocrinologist is suspecting an adrenal tumor, Pheochromocytoma. I am currently being tested for it. I advice you to get your adrenal glands tested (urine or blood).

Thanks for the update.

I had to search that medical condition, have never heard of it before.
It is good you are recieving thorough investigation.

I believe i may be improving again, oddly i am having multiple crashes, i dont know if that is commonplace here or a sign of recovery, but i seem to be getting better each time. Hope that keeps up and resolves. Is that similar to what you are experiencing or not?

Thought it might be interesting to mention.

I get both the emotional and physical crashes, and after each time it gets better. But seems like a long process.

Still having the hart palpitations, but I don’t get them very intense as I used to do.

I have 0 sexual sides, they resolved fully. My anxiety is non-existent. Depression is 20%, emotional numbness 30%.

Hey, how’re you doing?

Personally I’m doing pretty good. Less heart palpitations, I’m on beta blockers and they’ve helped a lot.