5AR fails to return to baseline levels!I found PFS on pubmed


I love the analysis. How will you compare your samples to your theory? Regarding supplements, before I knew I had PFS, homeopathic doctor gave me b complex, zinc, dhea and d supplements. 48 hours of amazing recovery, then crash.


Hey any word back from any on the researchers? Who did you contact? We are all desperate for answers and I think targetting these studies can’t hurt, this one especially. These guys have all looked at blood samples and perhaps tissue samples of folks damaged by a similar acting drug. Maybe they have some additional data sitting somewhere they didn’t think important at the time that is telling for us. Will it lead to a cure? Doubtful but it spreads the word and may inspire some of these researchers to further former studies. I agree this was a great find.


There’s a big old thread on cortisol management.

Just dug it up FYI as it wont show on a forum search.


Seems like cortisol management is very important, but there are people who got no benefit from supplementing it. Maybe their dosing was off or they didn’t do it for long enough. Another “one size doesn’t fit all” puzzle regarding PFS.


Did anyone buy this publication sciencedirect.com/science/ar … 6014000831?

Keen to share with my endo at next appointment if anyone has it.


I don’t have it, but this is the study they released in 2013. Would be nice if they offered course of action regarding all this mayhem.


No doctor would rightfully do this, because we’d all line up and beg them to try, but after publishing an article on this, it would give us all hope if the authors theorized potential therapies that could help us. If only someone here had access and could pick their brains. So how to right these altered levels?


I believe this was the preliminary Italian study that led to the present study on PFS launched at the University of Milan by the same group of researchers. The Uni of Milan study is trying to explain the root cause of this condition. It is the most promising study to date, although the north american studies, and all other studies for that matter, will play a critical role in solving this puzzle.


Has anyone brough this study to the foundation’s attention? or the Italian or American researchers?


Well, does anyone have their contact?


Here guys read this one:



Here are the contacts listed in the studies:

Baylor College study: Dr.Mohit Khera (mkhera@bcm.edu)
University of Milan: Dr. Guido Cavaletti (roberto.melcangi@unimi.it)
Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard): Dr. Shalender Bhasin (sbhasin@partners.org)


Sadly, we all know that 5ar fails to return to baseline. I hope once these current studies are complete researchers move on to actually figuring out how to increase / repair our enzymes. Unfortunately, there is no money involved for big pharama that’s why no treatments have been discovered


There is money for geneticist to figure out how to produce 5ar. There is a rare genetic disorder of deficiency of 5ar.
Perhaps they can turn on the gene to produce natural 5ar again in the body. This is years away but may be possible because of the advancing tech.
The last thing we want is artificial 5ar. They can already make synthetic enzymes but we should try to get the real thing.


It doesbt seem to be just a problem of 5ari, as much as it is a consequence
Lets wait for Baylor, the AR signaling pathway seems broken


What a coincidence. I have had the same conclusion that our P450 enzymes are doomed. and they found rifampicin and was seaching and got this thread. Have you tried rifampicin?


Adding fuel to the fire here – I took Goldenseal, which is an inhibitor of CYP3A4, and I felt a lot worse very quickly. Felt like a mini-crash.


If I’m correct the Ketonozole shampoo I crashed from also inhibits CYP3A4


You probably crashed from the SP in the shampoo, tho anything is possible.

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