5AR fails to return to baseline levels!I found PFS on pubmed

5 alpha reductase started to recover but failed to return to baseline levels after treatment with 5alpha reductase inhibitor Mitotane. So did CYP3A4.

I think these guys found PFS by chance in 2012.

press.endocrine.org/doi/full/10. … .2012-2851

Thats very interesting. Now what… cycle DHT pro hormones and hope 5 ar up regulates?

i think it will be like that, or maybe that+cortisol if you are low on adrenal function. this drug fucked us up good.

how do you suggest to address the mental sides made by 5AR3?! My main problem is insomnia!!!

I will do ALL I CAN to take this drug OUT OF THE MARKET IN MY COUNTRY!!! EVERYTHING!!!

Hopefully the head of research will write me back, I already emailed them.

How has noone noticed this research! It’s here since 2012!!!

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There was a guy recovering with Rifampicin

Rifampicin (RIF) is a potent inducer of CYP3A4 !!!

I think CYP3A4 is connected to vitamin D!!!


Finasteride uses this enzyme as a substrat but also “Importantly, finasteride itself is metabolized by CYP3A4, suggesting that high-dose finasteride might prevent its own metabolism (27).”
propeciahelp.com/forum/viewt … f=8&t=2703

Wow. This is huge. Can we make sure the PFS Foundation sees this so they can apply it to the current research. They weren’t even looking for PFS and they found it…crazy…now, how to fix it? The researchers threw out the “calling for replacement by 5α-reduced androgens”. Is that possible? Has anyone tried that?

Let me correct, im unsure wether up or down regulated cyp3a4 is our case…but def somtg here

Im so excited i cant sleep. Lol

I PM’d Mew

I have tried Rifa. I have now tinitus…

what were your vitamin D levels?

i’m not proposing any solutions here, or to try rifa. i’m saying there is what seems to be a big connection here and that this research group may have found our problem by chance

I dont know what is my vitamin D level. I have tried Vit D and my libido was high. It lasted 5 days then go away.

Man did you see the figure…the ratios in one person did not go back no baseline, not even close! It seems to me this is a pfs case they found

See the words adrenal insufficiency? Treat your adrenals, I’m now 90% recovered. I have huge libido and full sensitivity back. This is not a permanent condition.

According to the study, the treatment seems to be hydrocortisone replacement and steroids that are already 5a reduced. Seems very similar on the surface to PFS, and could be worth exploring. Interesting about the part where trt becomes insufficient due to the higher conversion of estradiol even in the presence of more androgens and lh levels.

exactly!! I suppose there would be other ways too. My only question is how to address 5AR3?

But this study shows us many things and it’s the BEST study i’ve read in YEARS…possibly ever.

  • How to test for 5ar activity
  • A possible reason for low vitamin D and bone changes (CYP3A4)
  • What has possibly happened to us (5ar and CYP3A4 failed to return to baseline)
  • Why people crash after surgery, alcohol, cannabis,etc… (CYP3A4)
  • why TRT doesn’t work (reduced 5ar activity)

etc etc…actually everything could be pretty much explained from this I guess.

Everyone needs to see this, how can i reach out to everyone here?! I think I may have posted in the wrong section and Mew hasn’t answered me back yet

Did you have adrenal insufficiency?

My concern with taking hydrocortisone is it can shut down your adrenals which aren’t damaged in any way but aren’t receiving sufficient signalling from the hypothalamus/pituitary.

Have you found any natural remedies which have helped?

there’s many ways to induce cortisol. Licorice root prevents breakdown of cortisol and conversion to cortisone…you can also get adrenal extract. the prob with licorice root for us is that i think its a 5AR inhibitor so you’d need to use it in a way where you get a net effect

i suppose anything which raises cortisol will help a bit.

Fair point. The ideal solution would be to work out how to increase the relevant metabolites naturally which I haven’t looked into sufficiently yet.

Just read through those articles you posted. One positive take out is that there was a significant increase in 5AR2 activity after 18 months, the negative is that it seems to level off and is half pre-treatment levels.

In a selfish way, it’s good that other treatments are causing similar symptoms as it increases the focus and the number of avenues this is being tackled from. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the end there is a very simple solution to all this, just one that hasn’t been created/administered yet.

I agree that the solution could be simple but never been found because there was no need to.

This also poses another interesting point which is that medications create permanent sides.

We need to find a way to address this naturally… In going to find the relevant points in every recovery under theblight of this study

The cyp3a4 adjusted and you probably dont have low vitamin d. You should do a test, maybe you dont have the cyp enzyme problem and thats why you got tinnitus. Maybe yours needs to be lowered or not addressed at all.
What are your symptoms?

Very interesting study, how does this interact with androgens?

-A lot of us have had the 5ar-cortisol-metabolites tested, and a lot of us showed normal to even high 5ar activity. The study you posted showed all had low.
see: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4674&hilit=+5ar

-I tried Rifampin and it made me feel worse, completely exhausted me.

-I still do not see 5ar being the issue as masteron would bypass that and it had zero effect on me.

I have been using hydrocortisone for years now, its the one thing that really really helps me. But it has not helped sexually at all.