3 weeks of finasteride, don’t know what to do


Hi guys,

I am a 22 year old that took generic finasteride for 3 weeks prescribed from my dermatologist. I took it on and off (I would skip some days) during that 3 week period and I mostly took 0.5 mg per day. I decided to stop it because I was experience a huge decrease in libido and erectile issues and I noticed myself paranoia masturbating a lot.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last pill and things still haven’t come back yet. There may be a slight increase in libido between last week and this week but the erectile issues persist. I can still get an erection, but it takes longer and it’s much more difficult to maintain/doesn’t stay hard. I also have shaft/glans pain and a dull pain that radiates to my anal region after I masturbate and ejaculate. My semen has gone from watery (on finasteride) to extremely THICK and low volume (looks like rice pudding that just barely oozes out of the urethra) in the last 2 days. I also have period of extremely abundant (high volume), relatively normal ejaculate, that’s way out of proportion to my stimulus level. I used to get morning wood every day without fail BEFORE FINASTERIDE (it would be very difficult to pee in the morning). On finasteride no morning wood at all. After quitting I’ve had morning wood some days, others nothing, and others something in between. I haven’t noticed any cognitive symptoms.

I wanted to know if this is a normal time frame after quitting finasteride. Hoping to make a full recovery soon. Any tips you guys can give me in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.


Give it up to three months mate


Don’t want to scare you but I quit Fin 8 months ago, was fine until last week and I am suffering from low libido, ED and ball ache again. Never happened before in life.

Once you take Fin you gotta keep watching over your shoulder for the rest of your life! You never know if you’re in the clear or the Hitman is right about to get your ass. But jokes aside, give it time and in most people symptoms resolve within a year or so they say! If they do not then welcome to the club


Please go to the dr and get lots of blood work done. See if anything is changing, for better or worse, to help give a pattern to what’s happening. I wish I had before and after bloodwork, including a full hormonal profile. As things change, you can capture it and maybe help yourself and us.