3 weeks of finasteride, don’t know what to do


Are you recovering little by little since you joined @ncsugrad ?



I’ve tried so much stuff on and off it’s hard for me to even say, lol. I’m not nearly as bad as most to begin with though.




I will approach the 4 month mark since quitting in one week. About 2 weeks ago, I had a great, random upswing in symptoms. I got some semi morning woods for 3-4 days, I felt my first blood filled boner since October, and I had libido, brain fog was gone and I had a great mood. I masturbated a lot during that time (3-4x a day) to see if hypersexualizing myself during an upswing would help. Unfortunately, the upswing eventually faded and all symptoms gradually came back. It’s really strange how these upswings seem to happen once a month, almost at the same time each month, and last the same duration. I have completely stopped masturbating now for 2 weeks and during the next upswing (if it comes) I will abstain 100%. I have found quite a few posts online of people who recovered between the 4-7 month mark so I am remaining hopeful.

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