20 years on Finasteride

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So I’m 44 years old. I’ve been on Finasteride since I was about 21 or 22. I went on it because my hair was falling out fast. I remember my friends saying to me 'you’re going bald fast" etc and when I was aware of it lots of hair falling out and i was early 20’s. All the males in my family on both sides were bald. I did some research went to the doctor and asked for Propecia.

I took 1 mg a day. My hair stopped falling out and it even got thicker and grew back.

Over the journey I have had some gyno, my semen is watery, I get severe morning anxiety and depression, I have trouble making decisions, I swear I have had shrinkage, loss in motivation, can’t focus.

I can’t get erections… I cant remember the last time I had a hard erection normally without a trimix injection or a very high dose of viagra or cialsis . Most of the time I cant even get an erection with viagra or cialis.

Libido hasn’t been affected at all. I feel horny morning and night but just can’t get it up…so I have to masturbate in a flacid state . Spontaneous erections… haven’t had one since starting . So over 20 years.

So I’m slowly coming off . I;m down to 2mg a week max.
Truth is im mid 40s and like having full head of hair because im single and look 10 years younger and like dating younger girls. But I would love to get normal erections back, It may never be possible now.

I’m not angry or bitter at doctors or the maker of this drug. And the end of the day what
I put into my body is my decision and I take full responsibility for that. But doctors need to be aware and warn patients before they choose to do it…this is what could happen…they still don’t get the full degree of it.

If i was married or looked ok with a shaved head no way I would ever take finasteride. It’s poison but it does work wonders for hair loss.

So as I slowly taper off completely now after 20 years I will make notes about sides, medications I may use, how I cope with hair falling out, what my doctor says etc.



I took it for 20 years too but on and off. Its destroyed me in every way. The best advice I can give is to do evercise and have a good diet. Don’t get tempted to take supplements to combat the sides. Hope you have a good recovery from the drug best of luck

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Hi, man, why did you said we don’t take supplements to combat the sides of Finastiride?

Hi for me and many others they cause more damage to the hormonal receptors following a brief uplift

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I’m off now for 3 months, and the side effects are still strong. Most bothersome is sleep disturbance leading headaches. How long does it take generally for sides to start easing off and for dht to fully rebalance?

I’ve been off for 17 months, I slept 8 hours last night. One of a handful of times in the past year and a half. I am slowly getting better but things still take a downswing out of nowhere.

Just FYI, this isn’t a useful term. All signs point to this not being a problem of hormone levels for the vast majority of people here.

I agree with @LazarusRy.
Supplements in my opinion, and after now over 2 years post finasterid stop, are wasted money (and i wasted a lot for this…). Time, eating healthy and avoiding stress are for me the best helpers. This drug left my body with some sort of stress/anxiety control disorder and this gives me very diffrent symptoms. I don’t know if it’s due to hormones, receptors or other stuff but my body has problems regulating something. I have better days and worse days, and they come and go so randomly that i stoped searching in something. Listen to your body, everybody has to find out the litte things that help him and when i have a bad day i am trying to tell me that this will not kill me (these days i often think that i surely have some sort of cancer or other deadly illness, and that now the doctors will find something. But after 2 years i am still here, so rational thinking i have not such an illness but difficult to accept) and that better days will come.

Best for you all and hopfully a lot of better days.

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I’m not sure I understand. Doesn’t propecia inhibit DHT and once off, DHT comes back and it takes a few months to get back to the level it was at before starting propecia. Am I mistaken to think DHT is a hormone? Perhaps it is called something else, but the point of the question is how long DHT take to be a production levels before starting propecia?

By the way, I find in my general group of friends that have taken or take propecia, more than half of them have sleep disturbances. Some sleep 3-4 hours a night. I only realized this is a problem once I looked at your site. In fact, I could name at least 15 side effects on your site I didn’t realize where from propecia, or did any doctors I saw. Some have resolved now, others are still a work in progress. I stopped Propecia for the last time, the day after seeing the site…so thank-you!

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DHT will come back to normal but the sides persist…thats the mystery

so… yeah feeling quite depressed, no real zest for life, feel detached, anxiety in the mornings, sleep 4 hours a night and no erections.

a friend said to me this may be permanent…so why not stay on it and keep ur hair instead of going bald and having these issues.

im gona keep staying off it and just see if things improve

So im still off it…

no morning wood. cant get or maintain erections…

blood work is normal

will be trying some proviron, cialsis, test soon

Been off for over a year now roughly.
Semen is normal now… not watery at all
Libido is ok.
The problem is my dick… I cant get hard ons at all… I have to pull it soft
Its also shrivelled and tiny… its a fkn nightmare. viagra doesn’t even work… maybe gets it half way
No chance of ever getting a natural hard erection.
What works is cavaject…
I have proviron and masterone on the way and I’ve just started trt.
im not giving up on this…although I feel like I doomed… over 20 years on this shit has ruined my dick.

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How are things now @samb180b

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hey mate, still same…

been on try about 5 weeks… 125mg Test E…can’t say it has helped at all yet… still just as impotent… possibly worse… think my estrogen may have risen
proviron may help with this…

stimulants (motivation, libido, sense of hope) and cavaject (erections) are the only two things that have helped thus far.

proviron followed by masterone propionate will be the next two things I try.

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You have seen all the bad effects from Finasterid over twenty years. Normally everyone has stopped it after the first signs of ED. I did the same self harming way like you, but reduced to a two months period. But I chemical cut off my cock like you.

I took Finasterid against benign prostatic hyperplasia much to early with 59 years and no prostate issues without a little bit enlarged.

I saw my huge erection shrinking while masturbating and I took the next pill. I masturbated with a smaller penis and watery semen. I took the next pill. After two months I had a shrunken penis and brain fog. I didn’t stopp. Even the intercourse experience shocked me and I quit, with developing severe PFS.


And now where you at?? What are you doing about it?