2 Toronto, Canada Specialist Doctors - aware of the dangers of Finasteride

I found two doctors in Toronto, Canada familiar with our reaction to Propecia! Unfortunately, there’s no magic cure for what’s happened to us, however, maybe they can help in some cases. They have other patients like us. Contact details are:

  1. Dr. Jerald Bain, Endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto
    tel: (416) 586-4436

  2. Dr. Ilia Kaploun, Urologist also at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto
    tel: (416) 586-6367

Dr. Bain is well respected in his field in Canada. There’s about a 6 month wait time for appointments. Dr. Ilia is easier for appointments, only a month or so, also a good doctor. I’d recommend getting a referral from your family doctor to see both these guys, for those living in Ontario. I don’t know how seeing doctors out of province works, but it might be worthwhile even paying for a consultation if you have to, especially to see Dr. Bain. I would.

Good luck to everyone. I hope this helps.

dr bain has a two to five month waiting list…he has a cancellation list with 70 patients currently waiting…and none have been called yet…this is not meant as a discouraging reply …just a little info if your thinking bout a docin canada…get your refferall asap

Anyone seen these guys yet? My doctor will make me a referal for an endo. Would be nice to hear that someone has seen these guys and they they where worth seeing.


Yes, I have seen both of them. Especially, Dr.Bain is worth seeing as he’s the Endocrinologist and he’s at the top of his field. You can check out his accomplishments online. Both Dr.Bain and Dr.Ilia recognizes the problem with Propecia/Finasteride. It took me several years to find these guys. I even flew to a big name clinic in the States looking for answers, and the best doctors I finally found were in my backyard all along.

As I mentioned above, he has upto a 6 month wait list. Yes it’s a bother to wait, but the reason is because he’s the best. Unfortunately, for the best in Canada, you have to wait, but it’s worth it. Go see Dr. Bain.


Sounds good. I will consult one of those two doctors if i can.

Can you give me some feedback on your sessions with them? Have you started any treatments yet? If so, what are they and have they helped?

Do you have your bloodwork posted? I want to see if we are in the same boat. Low LH, low FSH, low T.

Thanks for posting the doctors!!!

Did anyone see these doctors and what was the result? Thanks.

No. But I should have.

I had an aoppintment with Dr Bain, but could not go because it would have been too expensive since I live in Quebec.

I would have had to pay from my pocket, and Toronto is far.

I instead went to a doctor in Montreal, which was a total disapointment.

I should have gone with Dr Bain instead.

If you go there or if anyone else goes there, give me feedback too.

Thanks Marquis. Re Dr. Bain, for what it’s worth, a patient of his posted the following:


I’m seeing a different doc in Toronto next week. Will let you know how it goes.

Keep me in the loop on your progress.

Dr.Ilia Kaploun is treating Prostrate issues. I checked with the Hospital, I am not sure he has treated Finasteride related cases in particular from what reply I got there.

Can anyone tell me if Dr.Bain’s waiting time for appointments now? is it closer to 2 months or more than 6? Dr.Komer has a 7-8 month waiting time.

Mew or others from Canada, Please can anyone suggest Urologists/Endo’s in southern Ontario who have treated Finasteride patients?

Please PM me whoever can help.


Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone from Toronto has seen other Endocrinologists and Urologist and are able to give reviews?

Who is doctor Kromer? Where does he practice?

I have my blood work done and am in the process of finding specialists in the area. Any advice/help would be very appreciated. Thanks!



He is:

  1. Way too old to still be practicing medicine.

  2. Extremely closed minded to Finasteride problems

  3. Insensitive to problems we are dealing with. He literally made sarcastic remarks about me having my hair nowdays (“isn’t that what I wanted?!”…) Plain rude.

  4. It takes too long to see him.

  5. He absolutely, cannot, will not think outside of the box in terms of the numbers down on the paper when it comes to your hormone results compared to the symptoms you show.

And most importantly,

  1. He will definitely say that “it’s all in your head”.

Bottom line: Seeing this guy was the biggest waste of time ever. DON’T DO IT.

Dr. Komer is a gynecologist-turned-TRT specialist working in Burlington, Ontario. I’ve seen him myself just a month ago and he’s agreed to do a regimen of TRT with me. It’s good you have bloodwork already. That will drastically cut your wait time. I brought in my own blood work from previous doctors and he was willing to work from that, without wanting to run their own battery, as doctors often want to do. Komer is great. Is he on the bleeding edge of TRT in general? I don’t think so. But he is one the rare doctors that will treat you according to your symptoms, not your blood-work. This is important for PFS sufferers, whose bloodwork often does not accurately represent their symptoms.

Is he on the up-and-up regarding finasteride? I don’t know; I didn’t ask him about it. My T level was demonstrably low so I knew he’d treat me without me having to mention PFS as a cause. I didn’t want to scare him off by complicating the diagnosis. Doctors in general go dead-eyed when you mention finasteride. Still though, I got a good vibe from him and I think he’ll be receptive to the notion if you bring it up. His waitlist is absurdly long though, at about a year(!), so act now and get the referral.

Couldn’t agree more. I saw this man a few times before I realized it was completely futile and he was stubbornly ignorant. Everything you say about him is true. Before the practice of TRT in Canada can progress, this man–one of “the best”–will need to retire.

Thanks for the info, Zwill. Hope to hear back after you’ve started the T.

agreed. I had to go see Dr Shippen who sympathizes and will actually work with you