2 Pills of Finasteride- Testicular Atrophy

I took 2 pills of finasteride for hair loss, first day 0.5mg and second day 0.25mg and experienced testicular pain on the first day which was severe pain for about a week until I went to the ER and was prescribed doxycycline due to potentially experience epididymitis. This brought the pain down to a 2/10 nearly almost gone but after a couple of weeks mild pain came back occasionally. I started to notice testicular shrinkage about a month after taking finasteride, I have had two ultrasounds which show the change in size of both testicles. It’s been almost two months now since I’ve taken finasteride and I’m still experiencing shrinkage. These are my blood results. Total testosterone: 849 ng/dL, free testosterone: 172.3 pg/mL, LH: 7.4 mIU/mL, FSH: 1.3 mIU/mL, estradiol: 25 pg/mL. Based off the blood results I am very confused why I am experiencing shrinkage.

Hi @Infohelp ! I’m sorry this is happening to you. We’re all in the same boat - lots of us have measured our hormone levels, but they don’t match up with our symptoms.

While you’re here, can you please make a proper member story where you fill out the form that appears. It’s easier to help you if all information about your situation is in one topic.

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