186 brain genes damaged


Remember what awor told us…Androgen receptor overexpression is the cause but it itself is a result of dysregulated genes…idk really what to make of this because I dont know which genes control Androgen receptor response…

Keep digging I suppose and going forward I just wonder if someday if all these studies lumped together will lead to litigation?


I mean we’re talking thousands of genes throughout the body

I know zero things about this not even a little bit
Would you have to address each gene specifically to fix it or what?

I know some have mentioned Crispr but again
How realistic and option is that?

Idk…From what little I understand and have been able to piece together it sounds like something is wrong with the androgen receptor protein itself…Its not being made correctly anymore…

Nadine hornig hints at that in her interview…

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How is something like that even addressed?

genetic engineering alone, this issue that, in theory, epigenetics is influenced by the environment, does not seem to fit in many pfs cases.

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Ok so?..…

I’ve got a bit of a chicken and the egg question that’s bothering my impaired brain

Did these changes in the brain cause the PFS symptoms or the PFS symptoms cause the change in the brain?

I feel like there’s so much we don’t know


Do you guys think a brain implant could help us? Something that maybe stimulates the hypothalamus with an electric current? I know Elon musk’s company is working on this technology


Didn’t he say the opposite? Overexpressed AR is the cause and due to that there’s a domino effect causing many more genes to be dysregulated?

He did…Ar overexpression is the cause because over 200 known proteins interact with it…BUT he did say the overexpression is a result of something dysregulated…And that something is genes…

So no an implant wouldn’t work because if this is in fact what’s wrong it take “gene therapy” to treat the problem which is in the future…

I dont understand how it all interplays together either but if you have damaged genes then you are gonna have proteins that are most likely irregular or non functional or even toxic…

I don’t know if it’s at all due to the over expression, DHT is used by BodyBuilder in much higher dosages. And these cases are not known there.

They have nothing to do with each other…

I have a scientific question.

Does “up-regulated or down-regulated genes” mean directly “epigenetic-modifications(Methylation, histone-modification etc)” ? Altered genes expression and epigenetic-modification are completely the same thing?

According to the researches, finasteride brings out thousands of alterations of gene expressions (upregulated or downregulated) in brain and body. So, does it mean that finasteride caused thousands of epigenetic-modifications?

on the other hand, we have the theory that what causes pfs is some epigenetic-modifications which make AR-function distorted and useless. I understand it is the cause of pfs. I don’t know how many epigenetic-modifications contribute to AR-dysfunction. But, it must be not so many.

Then, do the researches reveal that besides epigenetical AR-dysfunction we have “other additional” thousands of epigenetical dysfunction? Is it truth? I feel something strange… If that so, we have not only one problem(AR-dysfunction) but also thousands of problems…

Anyone, could you teach me?