14 Day Water Fast - My Improvements


I recently completed a 14 day water fast, where as the name suggests I did not eat or have a taste of anything other than water. Obviously the first thing that comes to anyone who hasn’t researched this is “that’s crazy, it’s completely unhealthy” “STARVING yourself isn’t’ healthy, is dangerous and stupid” and that’s fine to have those thoughts at first but you’ll be cheating yourself if you don’t keep an open mind and look into the facts of water fasting.

Ever wonder why when you get sick you don’t feel like eating? It’s because your body doesn’t want you to. When you stop eating for a couple of days your body shuts down digestion and focuses on healing itself and does so more efficiently than any other treatment known to man. Of course people like to say “you need to eat when you’re sick so your body can have the energy it needs to fight off the virus” but this is just something that’s been repeated so long that we repeat it too because it sounds good, and it does but it’s not the whole truth. The truth is your body has stored energy that it can use for fighting off the disease and can easily live off itself for 40 days and studies have shown most likely up to 70 (although it’s not recommended to go past 40). If it sounds too tough, keep in mind that hunger completely leaves you after a few days and you feel great (I know, sounds unbelievable but I tested it first hand and it’s true). This could be because our ancestors would travel around and would have to go many days without food.

I was particularly interested in water fasting because of its ability to destroy scar tissue and use it for fuel when doing a very long fast. If I do have scar tissue in my penis (as people theorize) that is causing issues this could be a cure. I was also interested in water fasting because of its known ability to rid your body of toxins that have been stored in cells, the kidney, and the liver.

If anyone has specific questions I can answer them but to keep from going too long here are my improvements:

I had some acne scarring on my face that has positively improved without question. This let’s me know the theory of the water fast repairing scar tissue is true. Some of the marks have gone away completely, others diminished or are hardly noticeable. If I had continued past 14 days I think I would have seen further improvements as your body really starts to dig into scar tissue when you get past day 21, but my body weight wouldn’t allow me.

My penis used to have a tight feeling to it, there was strong tension on it like it was being pulled inward. This has gone away. It’s now larger when flaccid.

I have always had erections in the morning and those continue, but now I get random erections throughout the day. This hasn’t happened in… I can’t remember how long. I thought it went away because I had matured, but it’s back and it’s a good thing.

My sleep has become MUCH deeper. I started off having horrible sleeping issues which were resolved by taking Ambien + Melatonin for three to four nights and those improvements kept with me. Now my sleeping has reached new levels of deepness. After the ambien I would say I was sleeping like a 32 year old should be, now I’m sleeping like an 8 year old.

I can’t say for sure but I believe my eyesight has improved slightly. I did not take a test beforehand so I can only speculate but I find myself not having to squint at things I used to. I really can’t make claims to this because I only like to claim things that I’m positive have improved. Other people have reported complete repair of their eyesight after 40 days of water fasting, although they may of had some other issues causing it.

I lost 20 pounds while retaining my muscle. I wasn’t fat which makes it more difficult for me to lose weight yet it still came off as it was my bodies primary source of fuel. I was worried I would lose some of the muscle mass I’ve gained but I didn’t, or at least it was such a small amount I can’t notice.

I’m not sure I even have a libido problem, but I have not noticed an increase in my libido since the water fast. Before and now after the water fast I have the urge to have sex around every three days which I believe is normal for someone my age (32) and in a relationship for 2 years. I am still going to keep an open mind for ideas on improving my libido as I would like to have the urge every day, but once again I’m not sure I even have a problem (and there’s always viagra). This doesn’t mean a water fast can’t cure libido, it means I wasn’t really a good test subject.

My cognition was already repaired because of this protocol here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6002
it has stayed the same after the water fast, not better or worse and I was not expecting improvements as I believe it’s cured.

I wanted to go a full 40 days but I was getting too skinny, I started off at 180 pounds (I’m 6’2) and was down to 160…any further and I might have started scaring people at work. I think a water fast would be a great thing for someone who is having severe symptoms from finasteride and could possibly have profound improvements if they were to go for 30 or 40 days. This isn’t medical advice, consult a physician and below is a link that shows the different stages of fasting and what happens in them. Read up on it, pretty amazing stuff and after doing this myself I strongly believe in our bodies power to heal itself.



I have had some success with my own version of fasting. It was NOT a complete water fast … but I have had one 110% recovery and one almost full recovery. These “fasts” were done during full blown crashes. All I did was drink lots of water, drink authentic acai juice, take a few Elixa
Da Vida vitamins per day and would literally only a couple small bites of food per day which I had to force myself to eat. Both times after about a week of this, I felt great mentally and physically and I was having rock hard erections that were full size. I had the NEED to orgasm and sensitivity was great too. The second recovery was not as good as the first, but close. I have considered recently doing this again. Thank you for your information.


Very interesting BrongFogBoy. Please keep us updated on your results; i.e. how long they last, any further improvements, etc. Thank you.


Hey good on you for going through it, sounds tough.

This interests me for a specific reason, i have done alot of research about palmitoylethanolamine a N-acylethanolamine(NAE), which are a class of bioactive lipid molecules present in whole lot of places in the human body.

I found that finasteride inhibits palmitoylethanolamine (PEA) a NAE. Turns out a target of PEA is the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPAR-a), which is found in the liver, kidney, heart, muscle, adipose tissue, and others.

(PPAR-a) is a transcription factor and a major regulator of lipid metabolism in the liver. And it turns out that it is activated under nutrient-deficient conditions, such as fasting.

Lipid metabolism refers to the processes that involve the intercourse and degradation of lipids.
The types of lipids involved include:

-Bile salts en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bile_salt
-Cholesterols en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cholesterol
-Eicosanoids en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eicosanoid
-Glycolipids en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycolipid
-Ketone bodies en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketone_bodies
-Fatty acids en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatty_acids
-Phospholipids en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phospholipid
-Sphingolipids en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphingolipid
-Steroid en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroid

I am really interested to see if you maintain your gains and so on, please keep us posted.



Good stuff. I’ve found so many things that finasteride affected that I no longer found it plausible to target one specific thing for a cure. People find relief by using certain supplements or drugs but those are only masking the issue or enhancing another positive so much that it outweighs the negatives.


I had to update with this. Today was the first time in an extremely long time that I got an erection by just kissing my girlfriend. I realize this makes me sound like a complete loser because I got an erection and posted about it on the internet (no I didn’t stop kissing her just to come over here and post) but this just never happens to me. Typically the only way for me to get an erection was by direct physical contact which to me shows a positive sign (except for when we very first started dating 2 years ago and it was still really new and exciting).

In all fairness I can’t absolutely attribute this to the water fast because I am also taking ashwagandha which has been known help with libido issues. But from what I understand you need to take that for a long time to see the affects and I have only been taking it for less than a week, so it’s more likely to be the water fast, or maybe this is just a one-off and won’t happen anymore.

However, after all my research I’m convinced a complete detox of the organs (water fast) is the best chance of a cure that anyone has, but I think we live in a world where we believe drugs and surgery are supposed to cure us and this doesn’t fit into that mold. Hopefully someone who has severe symptoms will give this a try for 21+ days and their positive results will lead more people to the cure.


hummm 21 days with just water is kinda risky…yes i know we ll survive however that puts the body in a fragil situation…i think that 21 days…eating just lettuce or 1 tomato and maybe one carrot it would be just as good.


well u stopped fina quite soon, just 5 months ago maybe yours is a “normal” very slow recovery. did this fasting improve quality of your erections? Do improvements last in time?


Hi BrongFogBoy,
I am very happy for you. Seems you are on the right track.

Nevertheless, we need to consider esermon’s post. You quit finasteride “just” five months ago. Perhaps it is a natural recovery.
Can you tell me when you first had side effects (how long ago)?



and conveniently it happened right after he did a 14 water fast? :unamused:


You know, this is really compelling stuff, thanks for sharing.

IHP kicked off his treatment regimen (Nystatin, etc.) with a 10day fast and then ate very little. His thinking with caloric restriction was reducing the workload his body had, reducing metabolic stress…and his full sexual recovery story can be found here:

He also used digestive enzymes in HIGH quantity with every meal, reasoning that he didn’t want to risk food putrefying in his system, and that he wanted to further lower digestive workload.

I am experiencing very modest improvements on a couple of high dose Nystatin (totally clear skin/dermatitis + easier/fuller arousal with porn—still delayed, still nowhere near a full erection, still FAR from perfect). So I’m reluctant to interrupt this process with a fast, but I’m thinking about the possibilities:

-could I fast AND take Nystatin? Or would this be dangerous?
-I could just reduce my typical 2 meals to one a day
-you can “Fast” by only consuming ketones (which is what your body produces/burns when it is fasting/starving, or when you are consuming <50g carbs a day). I have read that you can do this by eating only coconut oil which provides medium chain triglycerides which your body does not have to process. So you won’t feel starved (in theory).


I find this natural detox process both fascinating AND scary. I’m already lean as hell, and this sounds very challenging…


Status update??


@esermon At this point I need to have more sex in order to really evaluate what’s going on. I’m finding myself getting random erections throughout the day for no apparent reason, I had this same thing happen when I was in high school and it has not happened that I can remember in the last ten years at least. I thought that was just because I was more mature and desensitized to sex because I was more experienced so I never thought it was a problem, it’s only now that I’m getting random erections that I realize there was an issue that has worked itself out. I hope that makes sense.

@braziliandude I felt exactly the way you do about the risks. It’s very hard to believe that you’ll be ok if you don’t eat for more than just a couple of days but it’s really amazing when after the third day you are no longer hungry and have plenty of energy to do normal daily tasks. Look on youtube and you’ll find a lot of people who have made video blogs about their water fasting experience. Getting too skinny is definitely an issue, in two weeks I dropped 20 lb’s from 180 to 160 so having some extra pounds on your body will definitely give you an advantage when it comes to how long you can do it for. The full benefits of the water fast have to be done without food because it shuts down your digestive system and uses that energy for healing, if you’re eating then your digestive system is active…but it might be worth a try if you’re just too skinny already.

@keepup It could be that I’m naturally recovering but that would be a huge coincidence because it happened immediately after the water fast. Recalling when I first had side effects is difficult because I had been on the drug for so long (10+ years) that I didn’t realize I was having issues, I just thought it was the nature taking its course. Only now after I’m healing do I realize that I’ve probably had symptoms for years and years and they were amplified after I quit (right at two weeks when I quit is when I crashed). You know how when your ears are stopped up and then you yawn and they open up and you can hear better?..you didn’t even realize until that moment that you couldn’t hear well before - that’s what this is like, I’m only realizing that I’ve had issues for all this time while taking the drug.

@xhorndog - From what I’ve read it would be a very bad idea to be on any type of drug while on a water fast. As for eating only small amounts, as I understand a complete water fast is the best way for your body to heal itself, but if you’re already too skinny it probably won’t be an option for you. What I have read other people doing is going on a three day water fast, and then moving to a organic fruit / vegetable juice fast for as long as they can stand it. I have no experience doing this.

As long as people are interested I’ll keep posting updates - I just need to give it more time, have more sex, and pay attention to see what’s different but things are looking good.


I never saw this recovery post until you linked us to it here. This definitely supports the case of a water fast and anyone who has read instructions on how to break a water fast knows that once you complete it you can’t just start eating, you have to move to organic juices for the first several days and then slowly work in other foods, that’s exactly what this person did and I did as well.

I’ve found some other similarities in our protocols. I also used colloidal silver (I learned how to make my own) as well as Diatomaceous Earth, black walnut, and wormwood. But I used all of these before I did the water fast and did not notice any results after taking them consistently for a week although I do believe they are extremely beneficial for detoxing the body but did nothing to cure finasteride issues. Any positive results I attribute directly to the water fast alone.

After all the research I’ve done and the multitude of things I’ve experimented with (from endless detox protocols to shocking myself to purify my blood and shocking my penis in an attempt to jump start it) I think this currently is a persons highest chance of recovery. We need more people to try it, but it takes a lot of will power and determination.


What did you do for all that time? Did you go to work (how tasking is your work btw) even with your metobolisms shut? Basically, how did you manage this.

I’ll propably seriously consider this (thanks BrongFogBoy for being resourceful & telling this) but my problem is being pretty skinny (without a change to a direction or another - i’d had to start eating like tons of lard and proteins to get any weight) and with a challenging metabolism (bloodsugar issues that seems to get aggravated by prostate infection). Do you know any people who have succesfully pulled a water fast with sensitive blood sugar? I guess that either i definitely will hit a low in blood sugar or that my body will succesfully pull the blood sugar demands from the body/somehow control the levels. Either way, i’d propably be VERY carefulo with this…

FYI, i did the Kos prostate therapy and i’m preeetty sure an infection and parasites plays a huge role in my recovery. I pretty much tripled my energies during the first treatment (from bad constant fatigue/brainfog to good energies) but my blood sugar issues started to get worse for no reason too…
until in second treatment cycle the lab found an enterococcus from prostate, so we started treating it and at the end of the second week (after one strange ut excelent night sympton-wise) my blood sugar issues were almost gone… which made me think of chronic infection/parasites aspect (the ear popping-imaginery is a good example). Now they’ve ofc been creeping back.


about a year ago I thought this would help clear my body of imbalances/toxins so I tried a ten day fast. No improvement chaps - sorry.

May be different for each person…


@ scaredtodeath: did you do a water-only fast? I have done it only for four days and had no improvement at all - but I am willing to do it again for at least 10 days now.

Besides BrongFogBoy and IHP, Cdnuts had improvements with water fasts (he has done four of them ranging from 14 to 21 days!).

@ BrongFogBoy: did you have severe sexual problems before the fast or were your sexual problems not so severe? Was unassisted sex (sex without e.g. Cialis, Levitra) possible for you? I am only asking because it seems the sexual problems are the most difficult to resolve - especially for people with severe issues.

Thanks that you share your experience with us. I am very grateful for this.


@ BrongFogBoy: I have just seen that I have already asked that question to you it in the following threat:


Yes, basically water cleanse. It was actually the Master-cleanse which is nothing but water mixed with cayenne pepper, lemon juice and small amount of maple syrup.

Did not work for me - although I had great hope it would help my body “rebalance”


@gefinauser I continued to go to work which consists mainly of sitting at a computer. I managed the water fast by getting past the first three days by sheer will power, after that it became much easier as my hunger went completely away as my body started to use itself as fuel. I think the biggest thing you’ll notice if you do it is you get very bored of drinking water, but the chance at recovery will keep you interested in it. I have read several accounts where water fasting has cured blood sugar issues as well as many other problems. But on the other hand it could be dangerous, I would do a lot of research if I were you because I’m not a doctor so this definitely can’t be taken as medical advice :slight_smile:

It’s important that anyone who is going to do a water fast to understand you’re going to get worse before you get better. When your body begins to detox you will feel nauseous, dizzy, have lower back pain by the kidneys as they are flushing things out as well as other things. I was having a lot of pain by my kidneys during the fast and was constantly having to drink water to flush them out and make them feel better. All the bad stuff that’s been stored in your body is slowly coming out (this is what we want), so it only makes sense you will feel a little strange. These are typically good signs believe it or not and as you get deep in the water fast will slowly go away as your body restores itself.

As to what scaredtodeath said: The fast he did is the master cleanse and is good but very different from a water fast. A water fast works by using your own body as the fuel and starts to scavenge your body for damaged tissues, releases energy and fats and toxins at a cellular level that have been stored for a long time. Lemon juice and maple syrup are both high in sugar and the first thing your body uses for fuel is sugar which means his body was not using itself for energy (most of the time). So while there are benefits to the master cleanse we shouldn’t compare it to a water cleanse.

Anyone interested in a water cleanse should read this to understand better what happens when you put absolutely no food or juice of any kind in it. You will really only start to get the big benefits after about 8 days, that’s why I think going 21 to 30 days is where you would experience strong healing and possibly a complete recovery. -