11 Year Finasteride User Recovered from Brain Fog - Protocol Inside


did sodium bicarbonate also help you feel better regarding sexual side effects?

Can you elaborate a bit more on enzyme dysfunction and body temperature?


Unfortunately no help with the sexual sides. I think the brain fog and sexual sides have the same origin but the pathways after the origin differ.

Enzymes are a subclass of proteins. There are many other subclasses of proteins such as receptors on cells. Enzymes facilitate chemical reactions in the body. Eg converting one molecule into another. Proteins (and thus enzymes) require certain conditions for them to work optimally. These conditions include body temperature and pH within a certain range. When these conditions are not optimal proteins (and thus enzymes) can not work as well and even breakdown (the technical term for this is ‘denature’).

All I can say is that through experience sodium bicarbonate and PLENTY OF FLUID HYDRATION has helped my brain fog. Thats what made me think of fluid balance, ion balance and pH balance (in which the carbonate ion is important). I always thought that the adrenals had some role in PFS and the adrenals produce aldosteone which is involved with ion and water balance through its action on the kidneys.

Things that might be worthwhile for brain fog suffers:

  • check bicarbonate ion levels in their blood - especially during episodes of brain fog
  • bit more complicated: have an MRI of the brain during an episode of brain fog. An MRI is harmless unless you have a metallic object stuck in your body or if u have a pacemaker. An MRI is sensitive at detecting brain edema (too much fluid) in brain tissues - which again ties in with the fluid balance concept.

These are just ideas… But for brain fog sufferers the main thing is symptom relief as life is very hard with it.


I tried it for a week, and no results whatsoever. I was also very careful with what I ate, no carbs, although I did allow myself some fish in the evening.

I am now finishing a fasting period of 11 days, of which seven days were a juice fast and four a complete water fast. Tough stuff, but you get through it. I will start eating again slowly tomorrow, and will of course post if I notice any improvement to my brain fog.

well, not noticeable improvements unfortunately…

Hi mike,

Its unfortunate that the bicarbonate had no effect. With your fluid diet, how much do you consume in a day? Just from my own observation I find my brain fog much better when I an well hydrated. I also find my brain fog much worse when I am hungry. I used to be able to diet very easily but now when I try the brain fog symptoms are quite severe.

Also how much baking sodium were you taking? I took a 1/4 of a teaspoon for a few days only.

Final questions are: if your vitamin D levels okay? Do you drink alcohol?


I drank only fruit and vegetable juices for 11 days, juices i pressed myself from organic ingredients. But as i said, no results.

As for the other protocol, i took the same amount as you.

My d-vitamin level was low, but i took supplements and am now ok. I never drink alcohol anymore. While making the symptoms better while drunk, i seen to get irreversibly worse thereafter.

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aspirin and brainfogboy - did your brain fog improvements stick via this protocol or not?


Sorry for latching on to this late, but I just thought I’d share that my “creatinine” levels in my kidneys were very abnormally low. I found out by taking a piss test for a job I applied for in the past. The doctor thought I had ‘watered down’ the test and cheated, and had me take it like three times. The adrenals are definitely affected.

I hate to say this guys…BUT…it sounds exactly like Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

It is very likely that we are suffering from a “form” of it. Not exactly sure what form though.

For me what was most striking initially, was my “positive” brain fog responses to eating raw spinach, magnesium and fish oil.
These things would lessen the severity of the fog itself, especially if it was at a level 5 (lost feeling in the woods, nervousness, dimmed vision)


“Epilepsy has also been linked to magnesium deficiencies. Without doubt magnesium supplementation accompanied by pH control via diet and the use of sodium bicarbonate will do wonders for not only multiple sclerosis patients but also Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease sufferers.”

My question/comment is related to the MS. I am interested in Acupuncture and believe it can to wonders and have seen it change peoples lives.

I was wondering if when I go in for an Acupuncture appointment, I should mention that these are multiple sclerosis side effects I have and have a treatment designed for that?

I think it was a user named Mr Mojo who had recovered with help from acupuncture, but they focused on his hormones and did a “soft reset” treatment on his endocrine system.

Many people here have said acupuncture was no help. IDK if they just went to unqualified traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, or if they just got a basic Acupuncture treatment, or maybe didn’t even tell them the Meds they took to get this way. But I truly do believe in Acupuncture and when I get enough money saved I am going in for a few visits. Just wanted a few thoughts on what I should focus the treatments on, MS or Hormonal system? Thanks.

I would say that you answered your own question in a sense man. Both. I’d go with an expert acupuncturist for all of those specific symptoms and diseases. It couldn’t hurt. Tell him exactly what happened and all of your symptoms.

I wish you well. Be strong and stay positive. Remind yourself, that this sickness is like a cloudy day, but above the clouds lies incredible clear skies and beautiful sunshine. Have you ever been on a plane and had to take off in shitty weather?
This is a “trick” your mind is playing with you. Remember this. I wish I had an answer, but have been struggling everyday since 2008.

Hey BrongFogBoy,

unfortunately I can’t sent you a PM (it sais that’s because I just registered) and curiously I don’t see the link to sent you an Email anymore too.
So I hope you read this instead.

Thank you very much for your immediate pm, I will try the 50MG Zink Carbonate in the morning, too. I will let you know if it works for me as soon as possible!

Best wishes

Has anyone else repeated this with any success?

I think many of you should try urine therapy. I see juice fasting was mentioned earlier but to no effect - that person had the right idea but it’s not enough.

Since your urine is a biproduct/filtrate of the blood it contains whatever your body needs, for example diabetics will have sugary urine, drinking it improves the condition. Urine is known to contain usable organic magnesium in defecient individuals, etc.

Procedure - buy one of those 40 oz water bottles. Get nice and hydrated, then when you have to pee, pee in the bottle, and drink it all. Then repeat, on a fast, for as long as it takes to fix the problem. Water isn’t even needed aside from the looping urine, unless you miss a loop and need to replenish your stores. Use purified or distilled water if so. People go up to 30 or 40 days urine fasting, no known ailment has taken longer than that to be solved. This includes cancer, etc.

If you think I’m not serious, read “The Water of Life” by John W. Armstrong.

Try it! If nothing else, urine is sterile and can’t hurt you. But from everything I’ve read, and in my own experience, it does work.

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Hey, @novacev I’ve seen you post about that a couple of times now. Why don’t you make a new topic and lay out all your points there? You might find a more receptive audience that way. You have to admit, it seems a little left field in the middle of a thread discussing another method. :slight_smile:

Actually, novacav, drinking it doesn’t work so well. You need to IV the urine to tap into its true curative powers.

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Good call, thanks. Don’t want to be a bother. I’ll try and put together a new topic sometime this week :slight_smile:

Are you still fully recovered?

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