11 Year Finasteride User Recovered from Brain Fog - Protocol Inside

The main idea of this is that the drug has intoxicated our livers which plays an important part in PH level homeostasis and the conversion of T4 into T3 (among other things but these two are relevant to us). This protocol helps detox the liver enzyme that converts T4 into T3 as well as helping us return our body to a more alkaline state. If your body is even slightly acidic or T3 levels are off you will experience brain fog as a symptom. For some that are extremely toxic a complete liver detox and/or a coffee enema (as used in Gerson Cancer Therapy) may help but I didn’t include that in the protocol because that’s not what I did. I also suspect some would benefit from taking a couple of drops of Lugols Iodine for the week, but for the sake of honesty and consistency I can’t include that because I wasn’t doing it.

The improvement increased gradually at a very high rate. I was also on a raw food diet long before I tried this but didn’t get results until I removed bottled water, drank tap water and added all the other things mentioned.

As for the different types of nuts and seeds you’re eating - look up each one of them and see if they are acidic or alkaline (e.g. peanuts are acidic where almonds are alkaline) and remove any that are acidic.

Also, as stated before this only cured my brain fog - I wouldn’t expect much improvement in other areas.

Make sure you are drinking tap water so you can be positive it’s alkaline. Bottled water almost always does not have correct PH levels regardless of what it indicates on the label…I know because I tested with a PH tester.

I’ve been doing a bit more research on the liver enzyme not functioning properly, according to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iodothyronine_deiodinase the liver enzyme responsible for producing T3 from T4 ALSO produces reverse T3 from T4, so liver damage/malfunctioning DI enzyme would be indicated by low T3 AND low reverse T3.

thank you for sharing this brongfogboy. I tried just the guggul lipid for libido reasons and that stuff is great. it doesn’t really boost the libido like crazy but it helps… it gives me good erections and alot of energy too.

1 enzyme produces both t3 and rt3? How does it Differentiate? Wouldn’t this mean that they would have to have exact correlation increases and decreases?

Can you explain a bit more?

Would taking the Apple Cider Vinegar at night expedite the process any?

BFB, I am in the process of starting your protocol. I started with the sodium bicarbonate which is making me pee much more frequently and also larger volumes. I am also now more dehydrated and more thirsty. Is this something you experienced?

I have to say however, my brain fog improved quiet rapidly after taking it - not back to normal after a couple days but I am hopeful. What made you think of Sodium Bicarbonate?


I’m wondering how guggul lipid works in our bodies. I noticed a number of cautions issued to those taking this stuff:


When you’re detoxing it’s not uncommon for your body to urinate more in order to get the toxins out, just continue to drink plenty of tap water. Sodium bicarbonate is very efficient at making your bodies PH alkaline which will help with a number of things during the protocol.

Just don’t skip any part of the protocol and keep us updated!

I think the lowered body temperature has to do with less bioactivation occuring in the body. There’s less chemical reactions from the lack of AR activation, resulting in lower heat/energy output in the body.

I think the lower temperature comes from impaired alpha-gluconidation of the P740 pathway induced by reduced gamma-demethylase activity at the mitochondrial DNA level. There’s less metabolism of secondary acetylated watermelonites from the lack of AR activation, resulting in lower heat/energy output in the body.
That’s what I think, Im no scientist but I have “reading comprehension skills” of scientific mumbo-jumbo that is way over my head.

I thought spewing out theories without rigorous reference to existing scientific litterature was frowned upon on this forum, can’t wait for Oscar or Mew to come and scold you here (unless there is a double standard on this forum?)

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But what about the endless people who have never touched finasteride in their life whom have a low body temperature? Ask anyone over the age of 35 to take their temperature in front of you (otherwise they’ll just say it’s normal without checking) and see what you find.

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I started this today…surely the baking soda & vinegar just neutralise each other? What’s the rationale behind taking these together?

Can anyone confirm that this protocol actually worked for them, other than the discussion initiator?

I tried part of it. Specifically the sodium bicarbonate, gugulipid and vinegar after BFBs post. Didn’t take them exactly according to the protocol. I felt that the sodium bicarbonate helped the most. Was having a particularly bad episode of brain fog and felt that it really helped, almost instantly. Sodium bicarbonate ie.baking soda is harmless in small doses and is found in every day foods.

I think that the adrenals are involved with PFS to some extent. Adrenals has multiple functions including electrolyte balance, water balance and body pH via it’s affect on the kidneys ( via aldosterone). We already know PFS causes imbalances such as vitamin D deficiency.

Why might this cause brain fog? Well, when electrolytes and pH are ‘off’ enzymes stop working and the water quantity in cells such as neurons change. Another thing that causes enzyme dysfunction is body temperature which has been a topic of discussion recently.

Let us know of your response if u try it.

I should probably elaborate a little on baking soda.

Carbonate is a a key ion in the bodies pH balance. A deficiency of this ion changes the balance of hydrogen ions and thus changes the bodies pH. For example when a patient is too acidotic in hospital (which can happen for a number of different reasons), the treatment includes administering intravenous bicarbonate. This is common and happens in every intensive care unit on a daily basis. Carbonate balance (as all ions) is controlled by the kidneys.

My theory is that PFS affects the adrenals to some extent. The adrenals produce numerous steroids. A key steroid is aldosterone which acts on the kidneys to maintain water balance, ion balance and pH.


did sodium bicarbonate also help you feel better regarding sexual side effects?

Can you elaborate a bit more on enzyme dysfunction and body temperature?