11 Year Finasteride User Recovered from Brain Fog - Protocol Inside

I felt that I wanted to wait until “I” was sure that I am recovered as I know what it’s like to recover and then crash. This is the longest recovery I have had (it’s lasted a month now) and it happened immediately after I did what is mentioned below so I feel it’s safe to post this now.

You may read my introduction post but a quick summary is I used Finasteride for around eleven years as well as Dutasteride (Avodart) for a year of that time. After discontinuing both I had a huge meltdown/crash which led to me lurking here for a long time and eventually joining.

I have spent an absurd amount of time researching to understand what these drugs did to my body to get a clue as to how to resolve it as my brain fog was debilitating and I have a girlfriend to please. I believe that this drug has a negative impact on our bodies in more than one way. I’m not going to provide my theory here as to what all the several problems are because it’s extremely lengthy although I may post a video on it later.

In short, one of the many problems this drug has created is it has in a sense made our livers toxic/less effective. Our livers play a large role in helping to balance our bodies temperature and our PH levels. When it’s not working correctly you will have lower body temperature and your body will have a more difficult time maintaining PH levels in the body. This is due to some down regulation of 3A-HSD which would lead to poor PH as well as low amounts of DHT to 3-ADIOL-G conversion.

What you will need:

Gugulipid (around 10$) - Will help detox the liver enzyme which converts T4 into T3. It also helps break down cholesterol which is involved in the conversion of DHT.

Sodium Bicarbonate: AKA Baking Soda (around 3$) - Highly Alkalizing which will assist your body in PH balance during the process.

Tap Water (DO NOT use bottled water) - Why not bottled water? I tested four bottled waters I purchased at the store with my digital PH tester and they were all either slightly acidic or borderline acidic. This is because bottled water takes time to ship, sits in heat and goes through processes and loses it’s alkalinity. Tap water, although not the cleanest has a great PH level of around 7.8 and it’s exactly what I used (I only drank filtered bottled water before) and it won’t kill you.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 3$ - Has strong alkalizing affect once inside the body amongst other benefits.

Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Synthetic foods, meat, bread, grains (cereal etc) are all acidic so they’re out. If you’re serious to give this a go you will need to eliminate them for a week.

The Protocol:

  1. Take 300MG of Gugulipid’s three times a day, morning, evening, night for 1 week.

  2. Take 1/4 of a teaspoon of Baking Soda mixed in half a glass of water in the morning, and at night when you go to bed for 1 full week. When you take it in the morning, mix it with 2-3 Tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

  3. Drink plenty of tap water throughout the day for an entire week. If you don’t like the taste you can add freshly squeezed organic lemon to it. Lemon has a high alkalizing affect once inside the body.

  4. Eat as many organic fruits and vegetables as you like for the entire week. Remember, tomato’s are only acidic in your stomach but have a highly alkalizing affect in your body. Do not eat any synthetic, diet, grains (bread cereal etc) at all and don’t drink anything other than tap water.

For me this recovery has not been a “hmm, I think I feel better” but astounding. I also feel that my libido is slowly increasing as I have had more sex in the past 3 weeks than ever before. I cannot claim this cured libido even if it seems like it’s slowly working because it’s not cured yet (and this may not cure it), but I as for the brain fog I am positive I’m cured.

Don’t leave any of the protocol out or you may be cheating yourself. If after 1 week of doing this you don’t feel obviously noticeably better look into other remedies.


Thanks for sharing your recipe for recovery. This is HUGE.

If possible, please provide any additional details about the benefits of this protocol and how you discovered it.

Very Interested. Good shit BFB.

Liver dysfunction definitely seems to be part of the clusterfuck that is PFS. There’s about six onboard–me included–to start Maximum Milk Thistle supplementation. I might give your protocol a try also since brain fog has been bad for me.

sounds very good. What were your major side effects before the treatment: “only” brainfog and low libido or also ED (nor morning, spontaneous erections, low ejaculate, no penile sensitivity?) Thanks for a reply.

Major side effects before treatment:

Brainfog (horrible short term memory, slurred speech, couldn’t put thoughts together coherently)
Low libido
ED - I lose erections very easily during sex, it’s like blowing air into a balloon; if it’s not being blown then it loses it’s inflation immediately. Pun intended. Very low penile sensitivity. I’m not numb because I can feel when it’s being touched but it’s more like a rubber dog toy. I haven’t really paid much attention to my semen but it seems to taste fine. Sorry I had to, in all seriousness I really haven’t payed attention to it so I can’t speak on it.

My libido seems to be picking up. Sex used to not interest me whatsoever, my gf literally had to go down on me in order to get me in the mood (ok it doesn’t sound so bad when I put it like that) but now I would describe it as “sex sounds ‘ok’” where before I had zero desire to.

At this point I only feel good about suggesting this protocol as a way to possibly clear brain fog for good, not for sexual issues. It’s also possible we are all affected differently by this drug and the protocol may work for many but not for all but at such a cheap price and only a week long it’s worth a shot for anyone IMHO.

thanks for the reply

I may make a video and post it here that covers all the details but in short it’s a specific type of detox that removes the hindrance in the body which leads to the brain fog. Once that is removed your body can recalibrate itself and you start feeling better as a result.

I came up with the idea by doing a lot of research and looking into what all enzymes and organs the drug affected and then seeing how to detox each one of those. I actually purchased an enema to do a coffee enema as used in the Gerson Therapy to treat cancer patients but it turned out that I did not need it. It’s possible that others may need to add this to the protocol if they are extremely toxic but because I didn’t use it I didn’t want to add it. I was probably extremely toxic since I took it without skipping more than 1 day for 11 years and didn’t need to do it so it’s likely others won’t either.

how long had you been off the drug before you found a cure?

I’m not sure exactly but I believe around 4 months. I still have no brain-fog since this remedy.

“Our livers play a large role in helping to balance our bodies temperature and our PH levels.”

Have you kept track of your body temps? Whats your daily body temp now?


I’ve been keeping temperature logs post finasteride and also called my doctors office and received records from all the way back in 2005. My temperature has been low long before I quit finasteride, these records prove that so my low temperature wasn’t part of post finasteride syndrome.

However, my avg temp was around 97 and now is around 97.7. I’m going to go through this detox again later and see if it improves my temperature again, although I do believe that’s a separate problem as I’ve asked MANY people to take their temperature and everyone over the age of 30 has had a low body temp none of which ever took finasteride.

I’ve been keeping temperature logs post finasteride and also called my doctors office and received records from all the way back in 2005. My temperature has been low long before I quit finasteride, these records prove that so my low temperature wasn’t part of post finasteride syndrome.

Do you have records before you took finasteride or only while you were on finasteride? If your temps were low on finasteride I don’t see how having low temps after you quit proves that it’s not part of PFS.

My temperature logs show that the low temperature was happening before I stopped using finasteride. Could it have been caused during finasteride use? Possibly, but not “Post finasteride”.

In addition to the above I don’t believe low temp is caused by post finasteride syndrome because of the large amount of people who have low temps and have never touched this drug. I think a lot of people may be chasing a different issue with the low temp and this can be shown by having them ask as many people as they can to take their temperature. I have yet to find one person over the age of 35 (some even younger, like 22) who does not have low body temp - probability says this is a different issue that we would all have even if we did not use the drug, or perhaps we would have had low temp and the drug put it into motion even sooner.

Did beliefs now aside, did you suspect yourself of having low body temps before taking finasteride?

You might be right. I had a couple other adults take their temp and it was 97.something.

Im a little lower than that, 96 in the mornings and low 97’s in the afternoon and have seen many others post on here about low temps. I was always 98.6 when young, but I was unaware age may play a role.

please keep up updated on your improvement with your protocol!

I’m not sure I understand the question but I can say that I only started paying attention to body temperatures in the past few months. I believe that using finasteride or not I would still have a low body temperature at this point in my life.

Interesting! I think that anyone believing their low temperature was brought on by finasteride in one way or another should start asking people to take their temperature. They’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have a low temp, other than very young people.

I have also contacted and spoke with nurses who take temperature multiple times on a daily basis, they said it is very rare to find anyone 30 and up who has a temperature of 98.6

Update to follow

Update: My brain fog is still cured. There was something different about it when I went through this protocol, it was like I knew it was gone like somehow I could feel the problem was removed completely (although keeping an open mind it’s possible it could come back). This has been gone for well over a month now.

As for my libido - I feel like getting sexual about once every three days, sometimes longer and usually never sooner (although I’ll have bouts where I go twice in a day). When I see hot girls when I’m out with friends I instantly get a feeling of “MMmmmmm” and the thought of getting with them sounds excellent (although I wouldn’t do that since I have an awesome gf).

I was concerned about only feeling sexual once every three days with my girlfriend, after all, how am I to know what a normal libido for a 32 year old is? So I called my brother who has never used finasteride and is only 2 years older than me as he would be a great comparison. I asked him how often he has the desire to have sex and he told me about once every three days seems right (he’s been married for five years).

So I believe that while my libido isn’t supercharged and definitely not like it was when I was 21 and under, it’s close to normal for my genetics. I don’t want to mislead anyone, my libido has been about the same since I started and ended this protocol, possibly a little better. Maybe I wasn’t a good candidate to test this protocol out on libido so it’s possible it could help other people. I can only say that I am as certain as I can be that this cured my massive brain fog.

BrainFogBoy, Please explain the reasoning behind this treatment more completely ASAP. You mentioned eating only raw fruits and vegetables. I have been on a completely raw diet for over a month now, but I have been eating nuts and seeds as well as my main source of calories. Is this acceptable for your cleanse? What foods should I avoid and for what reason?

I have started this protocol today, and I will report success or failure here.

Also, did you notice gradual improvement during the week or was it an all of a sudden total cure type of thing? Gradual improvement I hope…