1 dose of 1mg finasteride - help me

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Hi guys, i took a pill of finasteride 2 weeks ago exactly. I felt a cold feeling in my chest and vibration in my penis (sorry). I slept it off, next two days were fine. Dick was a bit insensitive but thought it was due to the drug and it would wear off. Then saturday morning i had a weird feeling in my chest and had a panic attack, palpitations, cold/hot/burning flashes mostly in my chest area and arms, i thought my body was going to shut off, my entire prostate and anal region was numb. Days went by and every day improved (prostate especially), i also had a “buzzy” sensation and it felt like i was sea sick, however my cognitive impairments improves for every day, but right now. I am completely unable to take a poo, i can’t get an erection if i try, whenever i take a shower it feels like my entire body has desensitised (this is the scariest feeling and hope i can get an answer). I can’t feel things the way i used to if that makes sense (and it fluctuates).

I am optimistic though since i only took one tablet, but what is going on with my body? I really hope i crash to start feeling things again, i can feel my genitals but there is 0 sensitivity, as if I’m rubbing my finger.

It seems like it’s still very early for you. You’ll most likely recover.

Take it easy, try to relax, do light exercise, consider meditation or yoga. I know it’s hard, but avoiding stress will likely increase your odds.

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@MerryChristmas Thank you, I’m scared shitless because everything “feels” less than before :frowning: God help us all, no one deserves this.


Don’t worry
You gonna be ok in a couple of days.

@Yusef how are you feeling man? i just recently took 1 pill, it’s been a rough week.

I’m doing fine mentally, body is a bit weak. And penis is very desentizised. Changed up my diet and exercise, hopefully i can somehow stabilise…

Try micronutrients for your diet, if you’re very anxious try lowering your cortisol. My anxiety and sleep issues have resided

Going to do a small update regarding my situation, lived a very unhealthy lifestyle before taking that 1 dose of finasteride, but have made required adjustments.

My symptoms so far: 3 weeks after
Complete impotence, i can’t feel any pleasure, but i can feel it.
Can’t ejaculate either obviously.
I get morning wood, oddly.
Anhedonia, lack of pleasure in everything.
Skin sensitivity throughout entire body diminished.
Sleep is o.k, sometimes feel like a zombie sleep, i feel anxiety lingering through my body when i sleep though.
Mentally I’m doing fine, im motivated and feel that if i can beat this I’ll become a better me.


Awesome man! Glad to hear your progress! Please keep us updated.

Hey guys, small update. It’s been around 25 days after 1mg fin.

Mentally 9/10
Starting to pee and pass stool more frequently, seems like my body is slowly returning.
Skin still feels a bit rubbery, but surely it will pass since sensitivity is improving.
Taste alteration has not improved, fluctuates every day.
Getting random boners throughout the day, although i can’t get an erection through physical touch.
Got a boner through sexual thoughts.
Physically my erections seem to have increased my girth size? Not sure if that’s my imagination though. Testicles remained intact.
Very gassy at night time, seems like a pressure that presses my prostate down to my anus, foul smelling gas.
Deep voice in the morning? Feels like going through a second puberty.

Doing a 2 month no-fap, im doubting that my test lvls are low, seems like there’s something else inhibitting me being able to get erections physically.

Honestly, having to update posts on whether you can get erections or not is inhuman, i hope we all get through this, wishing the best for everyone’s recovery, praying every day.

Will update next week.


Well, things are happening…

From 0 libido and complete impotence…

Can achieve a full erection now, with close to 0 sensitivity. No changes physically
Scalp numbness is slowly fading away (progressively since crash)
Still have skin sensitivity and taste alterations (very little change)
Gassiness is gone, GI tract improved after adding l-histidine to my regime. Will be adding l-carnitine & l-arginine soon.

Clean eating with mostly micronutrients (spinnach, broccoli, cauliflower)

Carbs and proteins (mostly rice and red meat/chicken)

Dairy: greek yogurt with organic honey 2x per day, morning and night.

Green juicing with carrots.

Limiting sugar in-take, mostly from pineapples & pomegranate juicing.

1 hour jumping on the rope daily & walking 2x with my dog in the forest daily for about an hour.

Stopped taking vitamins, didn’t feel too good on them, decided to have them naturally.

I’m more fit than before, and skin is surprisingly glowing pre-fin when i consumed a lot of shit and never exercised…

God save us all.


Small update - 29 days later.

ED/Libido is pretty much recovering, can get an erection physically and mentally, although my sensitivity is still much worse than pre-fin, it’s alright. As long as it works.

Was going to try refraining from masturbation for a month, went on for 2 weeks but wanted to give it a go to see if I’d crash, luckily i didnt. Semen thickness is the same, although the amount was EXPLOSIVE, didn’t know what to expect. The good old testicles are still in shape.

So far the worst side effects that i hope recovers:
Slight depersonalization/brainfog i guess? Hard to describe, maybe due to the trauma of my early crash, feels like i haven’t fully recovered from the experience and psychological toll of my crash and changes (and reading extremely fucked up stories here)
Smooth/rubbery skin/very low sensitivity, this seems to fluctuate, but I’m certain it’s due to some change in my androgen receptors, shaving my beard feels like extremely smooth, no roughness, no after itch, no nothing.
Taste improving, still fluctuating.
Can’t feel anything when i take a dump ( vagus nerve doesn’t seem to send out hormones to feel the phoo-phoria, this kinda sucks ass, always loved taking a dump.
Slight disconnection between brain and body when i touch my legs and chest etc, but seems to be improving very slowly.
And body temperature.

My lifestyle and perspective of life has truly changed, and I’m somewhat greatful for that, and it’s actually sad, but taking fin made me realise stuff that i wouldn’t have otherwise.

Wish you all the best.

Sitting at a 70% right now, I’ll post the thing’s I’ve done to improve, but god knows if it’s just a natural recovery, a mix of both or just the lifestyle changes, i know you all got it extremely rough and i pray for everyone here everyday.

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Man good to hear your improving I’m sure you’ll be 100% sooner then later, man if I could beat this and get recovered I would appreciate life even more and go and do more for the world if I could be me again.

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I know what you mean Aaron, you’ll get better for sure, trust me. And you’ll be able to live your life to the fullest! We’ve all got obstables to cross, some smaller than others, but the end line will always be the same.

34 days post fin:

Feeling alright, things are still fluctuating it’s weird.
Physical senses are slowly returning, i went from not feeling friction on to my blanket and bed the first days to feeling stuff, although not as before.
Sometimes my libido skyrockets, sometimes it’s low, but can still get a full erection without physical touch.
Semen went from watery to thick white (good sign)?
Penis went from shrivelled and stiff to normal
Still have a lack of sensitivity, but during erection it’s o.k?
Orgasms are pre-fin if not better
Sleep is terrible still, this fluctuates too for some reason, i have insane broken sleep, and feels like i haven’t slept after being in bed for 8 hours.
Brain fog is less, i had a very zombie brain fog, although my emotions weren’t blunt.

However, feeling the 80% right now

I pray for more recovery and everyone’s well being!

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Sounds a lot like you’re getting over this.

Remember that once you are over this, you still have this sensitivity and that subsequent exposure could trigger dramatically worse symptoms than those you’ve already experienced. We have seen a number of people react in that way.

I hope so, i still have taste alterations and yeah, shit… I really hope i don’t end up being permanently modified. Could you elaborate in terms of sensitivity? Didn’t quite catch it

Some people seem to be sensitive to 5ar inhibitors (everyone here). You can’t risk taking anything like that again.

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Oh, right. Thank you greek. Funny enough, all i used was ketoconazole shampoo for a very little time 2 years ago, but didn’t experience anything, but obviously that’s an extremely small 5ar inhibition compared to fin.

The ketokonzole might have triggered PFS by lowering androgens then the crash came from Fin, I crashed from the shampoo alone it also contained saw palmetto so I’m really fucked!

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