Zuranolone's positive data continues

Some more good news for Zuranolone, boys. Will anyone be taking this upon release, or getting it a little earlier via some sort of compassionate use programme?

Sharing the link above for those who hadn’t seen it yet.


Oh, I am very glad they managed to move forward after the failure. Thank you for the info!
Whether or not it helps us, it could be a big breakthrough in psychiatry. All these terrible antidepressants should stay in the past.

I’m sure it’ll be perfect for mental sides, maybe not so much for the drive people have lost, but definitely will cause brain fog and memory issues to dissipate.

when might it be available?

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I heard late 2021 to 2022. Because its fast acting, and could in theory treat treatment-resistant Major Depressive Disorder, I doubt the FDA will be dicks with the whole thing, and it’ll be approved relatively quick.

Other than that, one could always enquire regarding a country’s compassionate use policy, to try and get the drug before it’s been officially released. I would imagine that process to be quite time consuming, however.

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I think this drug will be unaffordable for most people at least when it comes out first.

I’ll see if the NHS can sort me out, not sure if they can really say no if I undergo a CSF test which shows low allopregnanolone.

Where have you read that it could relieve brain fog and memory issues?

Well, brain fog and memory issues in PFS are caused by having almost non-existent neurosteroid levels, especially allopregnanolone levels. This is also the reason why many feel better once they take 5a-DHP.
Since zuranolone is an allosteric modulator of GABA (in much the same vein as allopregnanolone) it will have the same effects, notably anxiolytic properties, antidepressant properties, lifting brain fog and improving memory.

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