Zulresso (IV Allopregnanolone)

Just wait the phase III guys

That shit that is sold online is no garbage I have tried myself and it works exactly as is supposed to work and you obviously didnt tried the correct brand of tribulus.

insane price

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Keep this thread about Zulresso please.

are you willing to try it? I’ll donate as wwll

I would if I could, I don’t live in the US unfortunately.

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Supposedly you can buy 217 for much less

One person? That’s a false statement.

Then why are you still here Belikewater?

Allopregnanolone also has strong anti-inflammatory properties by decreasing TNFa. Melcangi found high levels of TNFa in PFS (can’t remember if it was humans or rat models).

I just made the test to see if I could get more allopregnenalonone effects with it, it worked but its not the cure obviously, but had a completly reversal of symptoms while on it, lots of emotions came back strongly.

Seriously? Does anybody even believe these bullshit claims anymore? If you had a complete reversal of symptoms then you have a treatment in your hands, why don’t you simply keep using it and get on with your life?

These bs improvement claims are extremely harmful to this community I think. At best it’s a waste of our money and time, and at worst it harms you further and you end up worse than before.

Having spent 5-10 years on this forum, I think that people who make these claims either have serious mental health problems, or are trying to deceive people into buying useless crap.


Not wishing to rain on anyone’s parade when I say this, but given the record this forum has of finding “cures” that don’t work for anyone else or work for a few people and then stop working on subsequent use, what are you going to do if you pool 30k on one person getting a treatment that works for them? Will you all then get your own 30k for the same treatment? What if it doesn’t work for the guinea pig? Does that mean it won’t work for anyone else?

Like I said, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’ll just say the previous Mercangi research cost less than it will cost to treat one person with this drug. It’s possible that once we have some more leads, it might be better to fund something like that instead.


I didnt say it stayed, but somehow very big improvement and reversal on symptoms while on it, also I was doing glycine and little corticoids at that time, so maybe I reduced inflamattion by a lot.

Allopregnanolone effects from what? Tribulus? I don’t know of any studies backing up that claim.

You said it worked and you had a complete reversal. Now you say you also used glycine and corticoids at the same time too.

So how do you know if it wasn’t glycine or corticoids which made you feel better? Or simply a placebo effect, since the improvements were temporary?

Whatever it is, it was temporary, therefore does not work. People should be far more careful when making such improvement claims.


I’m just suggesting that it should be investigated further, since it at least have some science to back it up (Melcangi studies). Maybe a couple of people rich enough who are willing to give it a try?

Agreed. It’s a new medication that’s never been tried before that affects GABA system. Melcangi thinks allopregnanolone has a large role in PFS and Bhasin from the Harvard study said GABA transmission was probably damaged.

Well I think its really important, and I took glycine and corticoids without it and didnt have that relief of symptoms.

First you made no mention of glycine and corticoids, then you said you were taking them all together, and now you say you took glycine and corticoids without it and didn’t have symptomatic relief. Which one is true then, if any? And does it even matter, since it didn’t last anyway.

So boring