Zucchini helps me with my persistent libido symptoms

Hi there

I went on this stupid drug over 10 years ago for about 2 years and even when stopping had major libido issues, penis shrinkage etc. Usual story.

I recently have been staying with my parents stuck here after a visit re the lock down and have stumbled upon something which I think is an amazing solution to this libido story.

Zucchini!!! :slight_smile:

Every time I’ve had this one dish with lots of zucchini I wake up with a boner and when watching porn am hard as a rock! lol

Give it a go let me know your results… i’ve tested a number of times and its working like a dream!

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Hi @jon33,

It’s great to hear you’re experiencing some relief in your symptoms. Unfortunately, for many people the root of their symptoms are extremely complex and alleviation can’t be achieved through something so simplistic.

Also, may I ask that you fill out a member survey? It’ll help us learn a little bit about you and your condition so we can better welcome you to our community.

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So You had PFS for 10 years and your first post here is about Zuchini?..Ok thx for the Tip bro!


Please share how the zucchini was prepared and served. Some of us have had similar reactions with other foods, and his may lend insight into the “gut flora” discussion. Also, if there have been other changes (environmental or otherwise).

Some others have mentioned things as diverse as eating potatoes, to avoiding certain foods.

You symptoms started after discontinuation of the drug ?

are there any believers?

take it or leave it… should rather keep this secret to myself because you don’t sound worthy.

Ok, Thx.

oil… pan… garlic chilli… fry onions, mushrooms, zucchini… salt pepper… canned tomato…

side effects started while on the drug and improved slightly after but damage was permanent and never improved… best solution so far is the zucchini and i’ve searched for solutions for many years… this solution was accidental

Wait a minute…I know this recipe…Isn’t it called Ratatouille?

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Carotenoids — such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene — are particularly plentiful in zucchini. also dehydroascorbic acid



I just love how some people come up with theories like these. But not to worry guys! I got some good news. I didn’t know what to eat for dinner today so I bought 1 big zucchini and I will eat it (fresh and raw). In fact I’m eating it right now as we speak. I will not leave a single stone unturned.
So if I magically heal I will let you guys know :smiley:

Well it didn’t help (no suprise there), if anything I’d even say it made me worse, cause I had trouble getting it up yesterday (more than usual).
So thx for the troll post.