Zoom Chat Group (Vote)

All, taking a poll to see if there’s interest to start a weekly zoom chat group for no more than a hour a week or every other week that allows for us to chat and vent. If the interest grows, we can certainly look at having zone leads based on location and time zooms to accommodate for international peeps. A heart or comment will help as I don’t know how to start a poll on this site. Thanks!!


@Greek, are you able to help a brother out with setting up a yes or no poll? If there’s at least some interest, I can throw it out there. Thanks bro! Hope you can support.

Like previous external communication ideas, it would have to be well secured or people will flock to it for trolling and mockery. Some people are at an extreme point, especially in the early stages, and that exposure to toxic behavior can easily shift/destroy their mental state. I think it’s safe to say that anything external to this forum is a bit too risky until support from the medical community and public becomes conspicuous.

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Interested to hear views on this, @Bruce makes some good points.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

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I would be ok with a zoom, or even a group I’m not allowed to type here, assuming it’s appropriately moderated. I would also hope for a weekly podcast, summarizing the posts and/or research that has gone on.