Zits, scalp itch, and hair shed

I know this sounds very weird, but I developed a zit on my neck a few hours ago and it’s already going away.

I’ve also noticed that today’s hair shed and scalp itch started at the same exact time this zit formed and left at the same exact time this zit started going away.

What could be causing this issue?

Key things I did today:

  • Breakfast: White Rice, Spam, Spinach
  • Lunch: Same as breakfast
  • I received 25-30 mins of sunlight
  • Took 500 mg Vitamin C
  • Snack: A few almonds
  • Zip developed ~ 4 PM
  • Took a shower at 5 PM
  • I think symptoms started to die down here
  • Dinner: Brown Rice, Lettuce, grilled chicken tenders
    I also drank a ton of water today.

I don’t think this is something to be worried about, that you got a zit on your neck and it went away, and that your head was itchy. What could be causing the issue of you getting a zit on the neck? Maybe didn’t shower that day, diet, there could be many other reasons. My take: I wouldn’t let that get to you. Zit went away? Carry on.

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What about the scalp itch and hair shedding that seemed to coincide with the zit forming?

I think you’re overanalyzing too.

The speed at which hair follicles can be influenced to fall out is (without looking, I confess) not going to be in the magnitude of a few hours. Same with the spot. That these things all coincided at once is not likely to be indicative of anything, even less indicative of something you can diagnose or take action upon.

I don’t think there’s anything in your list of things you ate/did that is going to be hugely significant. Brown Rice is mentioned from time to time here but is one of the less regularly talked about things that people have a positive/negative experience with. However, if you’re not aware of it triggering anything, I suspect that you’re not sensitive to whatever action it may influence. I’ve also seen spinach talked about but people often talking about it were often talking about consuming insane quantities.

In general, it’s probably good advice to avoid things that affect hormone levels, certainly in large quantities.

My scalp continues to itch far less than it did last week, but it still itches more than pre-fin. I wonder if it’ll ever go away.

Today was an extremely good day.
My scalp itch was noticeably less today than any day in the past 3 weeks!
Hope it continues to go down.

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Pre pfs how would you have responded to a zit and an itchy head?

I left them alone, but I rarely noticed them.

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Itch feels about the same as yesterday.
Hoping for some more improvements!

hey brother, did your scalp itch resolve? or do you still experience it

Yes. The horrendous scalp itch went away. I still get an occasional small itch, but my scalp always had random itches even before finasteride. I actually think my scalp itches far less than pre-fin. I can go 48 hours without feeling an itch whereas in pre-fin, I would get pretty ichy scalp after 36+ hours.
I also think I’m regrowing hair, but I will have to wait longer to see full results.

How are you doing, man?

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thats great, so you actually have better hair than prefin?

I started to get that horrendous scalp itch for about 2 days now.

my hair instandly started feelin thinner and falling out quicker.

did you do anything for it to stop? ive used clobetasol (anti inflammatory lotion) but it persist.

Sorry to hear that. That sort of sounds like my case after I stopped talking fin. Hair texture changed to light and started to fall off.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything you can do.

Can’t say anything about hair density just yet. Will have to wait a few more months to see.

guess im fucked! have to wait and hope it dissipates by itself. Ive used some apple cider vinegar and coconut oil on my scalp but no effect.

The itching gets so awful that it even crossed my mind to use just a few drops of topical fin, yes I know thats absolutely crazy to think…