YouTube videos discussing treating PFS


I thought it might be a good idea to start a running list of YouTube videos where folks discuss PFS in terms of treating or reversing it. I’m not advocating trying anything that’s discussed in the videos but maybe these videos can open a broader discussion on this forum and it may make sense to have them in a centralized thread.

Here’s one I found published 3 days ago on the channel More Plates More Dates. This guy seems quite knowledgeable and has read some studies.

He thinks epigenetic damage can be reversed and mentions sodium butyrate (something @moonchild used)

A good find. Its nice to hear a positive outloook on pfs and hopefully overcoming it


Here’s another:

@Alex50 summary of the video:

  • primal / carnivore based diet was recommended,
  • Gamma-hydroxybutyrate supplementation Was recommended to increase allopregnanolone in the brain, finasteride not only inhibits 5ar of testosterone->DHT, but also progesterone-> allopregnanolone. They state allopregnanolone is important for the regulation of GABA which modulates stress and anxiety, and promotes relaxation. allopregnanolone is also important in the metabolism of cortisol. I have also seen other references that state that allopregnanolone is very important in sexual drive and libido.
  • Sodium butyrate (also mentioned in the video I posted) was also recommended as finasteride has been shown to significantly alter the gut microbiome and destroy species of bacteria that are important in producing butyrate a SCFA that acts as a HDAC inhibitor. Butyrate supplementation was recommended to help reverse any epigenetic damage via de-methylation on Androgen Receptors.

Note: Gamma-hydroxybutyrate is illegal. I am not recommending anyone to take this I am just relaying the information conveyed in that YouTube video.

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Forgot to mention:

  • They also recommend to reduce inflammation as much as possible, especially inflammation in the brain. I imagine this could be achieved through fish oil and curcumin supplementation.

Also be very careful with sodium butyrate supplementation, I have just done some research on this forum and found people who have gotten significantly worse after supplementing with sodium butyrate. In my opinion a better option would be to get it from food (like butter) and feed the microbes that produce butyrate with via consuming resistant starches like cold potatoes. @Sawproblemo

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I also got problems with broccoli or L-arginine or NAC whereas some others had benefits.
Crashes to food or supplements are basically drug hypersensibility and seem to be random between individuals