Young blood transfusion as a treatment? … MEsM0fF98E

Check out this article. Apparently old mice given younger mice blood becoming younger and the reverse happens if young mice are given old mice blood. Propecia obviously aged us all horribly especially those that crashed. I really think this could be a cure for us. I am willing to volunteer for this treatment if it becomes available to us somehow.

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has anyone had a blood transfusion with PFS here?

I haven’t but the concept is interesting as are procedures like plasmapheresis which is used to treat immune system disorders. If the Italians determined this was an autoimmune issue, these sorts of treatments along with the synthetic enzymes would become interesting as options to try to reset our systems.

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There is also an anti aging compound you can take…its working for energy and muscle …if i find it again ill let you know. Its some weird form of nadp and you can find it in longecity forum

Any update guys?