You have Hair gray on scrotum?


You have Hair gray on scrotum? I… yes :fearful::fearful::fearful:
Also @Mew, @Hope88, @proscarred other???


Since 3 month after crash in 2011. Now mostly gray. It was 2012 when read document about graying scrotum hair and 5ar deficiency.


Does everyone literally blame everything on PFS? I thought grey hair was part of the aging process.


I got rid of that, when I found out that I have thyroid issues and now I am taking lthyroxin 75 ug and that issue got better with it. I mean a lot better not like it used to be but almost.


Funny, I used to have thick grayish hair on scrotum before, If i accidentaly plucked one it came out with a gray thick root, but after using Fin hair on scrotum is a bit sparse


Of course I Blake PFS there is no doubt. Or why My hair stop falling and beard crowth slowed at The same Time. Is it just normal aging among with other things like penis shrinkade at one night? I highly doubt. Get senile at age of 23? Let`s think again.