Yerba mate okay for us?


Hey guys,

I know nobody has a crystal ball, but does anyone have thoughts on Yerba mate tea? I love drinking it, and I couldn’t find anything about it being a 5ari.


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Jajaja particularmente no soy muy amante de la bebida patria, pero nunca he notado nada malo al tomarla.

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Jaja hace unos años visite Buenos Aires y me enamoré con su bebida. Todavía lo tomo sin problemas. Me encanta!

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What are y’all saying? I’m literally on break at work currently drinking a Yerba mate

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Guayaki brand to be precise


I hope kombucha is safe


@Lostinaustin and @Mcbbould the drink hasn’t given us symptoms. I was saying I like it. Victorillo was saying he doesn’t drink it, even though it’s his country’s national drink.


Kombucha is not at all related to herba mate


Gotcha, I haven’t had any negative reactions myself, it’s probably not great for me because it has a lot of caffeine and I’m pretty sure my adrenals are messed up but I feel like it’s better than coffee

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