Yellow semen

I always had yellowish semen, since i was a kid.
But since augost , after i crashed from alfatradiol ot became yellower.
On the body it looks white yellow, but on white area like toilet paper or white panties it looks yellow.
If it dries on thw panties it also cause yellowish stain.
I don’t have any pain.
Anyome had this? Does it mean infertility?

I have had PFS for 12 years. Around year 10 or so mine started to become more yellow. I still was able to get my GF pregnant at year 11. It may be some infertility, but does not mean you are unable to father.

Don’t have this apart from literally just once or twice early on, think it isn’t common even amongst us.

Try taking zinc and vitamin d regularly, as it seems to make mine whter.

You got her pregnant after long time ? Or easily?
How old are you?

Should i check seminal vesicles ? I don’t have any pain.

After 11 years of PFS. I am 30. Pretty sure I got her pregnant on the first or second try.

Thank you very much! You realy made me feel better.

i thought in healthy males yellow is concentrated (occurs rarely) and clear is worse.
i know pfs causes both and neither is desirable. try to eat celery it may help it become white again

Did alfatradiol make your pfs symptoms worse? I stopped taking fin a month ago and decided to keep using alfatradiol. Im having insane insomnia. I need help.

Yellow semen can be due to diet, or being diluted with some pee for example.

I think some STD could also have this effect so if you had unprotected sex might be worth checking out.

Alfatradiol caused me testicles pain.