Xray Dangers

A few months back I left the meat dehydrator pack in the pot and cooked the meat with it in. I did not see it. It is made of plastic and contains silica and maybe other chemicals?

I did not see it in there. Started eating meat. Felt worse after. Like my PFS came on very strong. Dark under eyes, cold, depression. And would wake up at 4am shivering and feeling like i was going to die.

This happened for 3 days. I was eating the same chicken. The last day I saw it after I ate the last chicken. I woke up that night shivering and heart was beating strangely this time. I thought maybe I should go to the ER.

I did. Walked in said i do not want an xray I want an ultrasound. Doc said ok. Some push doc came back said no ultrasound here. I said well I dont want to do an xray maybe I will think about it. 40 minutes later a group of doctors came to my bed and pushed me into the xray saying it is totally safe. Just like taking a short plane trip. I fell for this rubbish. I did the xray. And as soon as I got back there was someone there with an ultrasound machine!!!

Anyway since then I have had more problems. Upon leaving the hospital I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head that did not last too long but something I never felt. Over the next 2 days I developed a pain in the top left hand side of my hand and pains all over chest upper stomach area.

I still have them today include the head pain. It is about 3 months later already. Within 2 weeks of leaving the hospital I started getting this fainting feeling. Then my heart beat would go from 60 to 130 for a minute or so. This happened quite a lot for a few weeks. I also have now developed jerks in my body. On top of this within a week of leaving the hospital I noticed when going to sleep i have to focus on breathing in. It seemed less automatic. I have now not been able to sleep in day I stop breathing when falling asleep. This has been happening at night too. My sleep was also bad before going to the hospital now it is worse.

Xrays are very dangerous and cause many cancers and people theorize they are also responsible for heart attacks. From what I understand an xray is the same type of radiation used to kill cancer cells. They must shield your testicles because it is so damaging. What about the rest of your vital organs??

It is nothing like going on an airplane. I understand the radiation is not the same as the natural background radiation. It probably penetrates a lot better damaging your organs. CTs scans are known to cause genetic damage of the heart.

There is no doubt they are very dangerous and my health situation has deteriorated a lot because I have a slew of new problems. Perhaps I was more susceptible do to being weak from PFS. It takes me a long time to heal from small things like bruises.

I am sad this happened because I knew it seemed like a bad idea but was pushed into it really.

Please be careful.

I believe you, I’ve had a ct scan, and spect scan(which they inject you with potent radio active isotope)
Which keeps you radioactive for 3 days, the day after spect scan I felt my worst, but never realized why until now I think about it, it might have been killing more cells.

I want to update this. Ever since this incident I am feeling very damaged. Headache started as soon as I left the hospital. Then a permanent headache started 3 days later and has not stopped. I have burning pains in the area that was xrayed. My sinusus became inflamed within weeks of the xray. I developed random jerking in my body within weeks too. I also developed a red dot on my stomach which I think is some kind of virus.

I know my body was in a weak state with PFS and when I consumed contaminated food my body temp was even lower than normal. This was probably my weakest point and I should have not exposed myself to radiation but was tricked into it.

I stared having bad breathing problems within a week of the xray. My instinct to breath was gone and I would stop breathing in my sleep. This cleared up after a couple of months.

I dont know how to explain this but a week before the xray I was feeling okish with PFS and since the xray I have been really fucked.

I am not sure what happened, I feel I did stop brething during my sleep and perhaps that caused some kind of brain damage or maybe I have a virus infecting my brain causing the pain. I feel much more of a lack of joy since then and felt constantly like I am about to die pretty much. It is a year and I still have the pains which I never had.

I have 2 hemochromatosis genes and perhaps that is why I got PFS. My TSAT is over range but ferritin is in range, so doctors do not consider it a big issue.

No doubt my body has been fucked since getting PFS as I was unable to gain muscle even on 250MG of TRT. I gained muscle easy before PFS when eating and exercising.

In our PFS state we must be very careful not to make ourselves worse as PFS is bad enough.

Try and avoid all drugs and radiation.

Im not sure if it is possible i I was exposed to excess radiation or if I just had a super bad reaction both are very very unlikely but so is PFS. I have been taking a lot of things to try and improve the situation with no luck. I am scared to do any scans of my head as I do not want to make the situation worse.

the nightmare continues

I will confirm that prior to PFS I had maybe 2 or 3 chest xrays with no problems that I remember. I had them because when I was young I had a wound that got infected and went to a heart valve.

So it does not seems to be something genetic. My body has been weak since PFS. I can not gain any mass on high doses of TRT so something systemtic is obviously fucked.

Please see my latest thread. I now feel this was just a trigger. I was teetering on the edge.

Yeah same happened to me. I had what I thought was appendicitis. Instead of giving me an ultrasound, the stupid doctor/hospital gave me a abdominal CT scan. Abdominal scans supply the highest amount of radiation in order to visualize all the abdominal organs. It’s an insane amount of radiation. Like years and years and years of background radiation in one minute. Also, it’s great because I was on finasteride at the time, which basically, by depleting glutathione, removes all cells antioxidant protection (why they use finasteride combined with radiation therapy for cancer purposes). So, basically I’m f***ed. At only 26 at the time, it was an absurd choice rather than an ultrasound. It was nothing but sheer laziness on the part of the doctor. Unfortunately this is standard medical practice so I can’t really sue them. But it should no longer be the norm. Yes, everyone should be warned about the dangers of radiation. I am essentially doomed to get cancer in the future now because of this.

Yeah it is bad but I wouldnt worry about it too much it wont help. Just do your best to help your body repair. I think in my case i ate a lot of BPA and got radiation and suddenly my autoimmune issues triggered from fin got worse as I never had head or body pain till that day. I am getting better now tho with detox.

What/how are you detoxing? I too got bad autoimmune symptoms since finasteride which go off and on.

saunas herbs there are many protocols look at things that have worked for ALS MS anxiety skin issues etc.