Write something positive

Can anyone please write something positive under this heading

you are very funny. clap for you

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our life is fucked. where does your joy come from ? Where do you find the energy to joke with?

I was doing so good this morning, my emotions returned and I cried listening to music. Felt so good. I have since gotten worse again after 2 creatine dosages but it tells me that Im getting better. Recovery is possible

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thank you. Did you do anything to get the feelings back? Did it happen spontaneously

Idk tbh, it just came back spontaneously. Maybe it’s because I added caffeine back after 2 days of not having any.

I had this yesterday. my feelings returned for 5 minutes, not libido. I felt drunk and it was amazing. the world looked beautiful. but it’s over immediately. people live this endlessly

My libido also returned this morning along with the emotions but I’m trying not to fap, I think your emotions returned because of the alchohol. If I recover permanently which will take time I will be sure to tell the forum. I do know my hairloss is getting worse again which is a good sign.

Pls put these threads under coping, seems like you need someone to talk to.

sorry, you are right

I will not give up no matter what. I have a severe pfs but i will fight this every single minute. I will make my own strict protocol to beat this and will be getting better every single year, no doubt about that. Pfs will have to kill me if it wants to beat me. I will not quit.


Has to be said, however rotten I feel sometimes (esp on the proviron) I am TONS better than I was a year and a half ago. Sitting here in the same chair where I’d previously been pre-PFS, then dire PFS, now somewhere in between.

I can watch and lose myself in a TV show now like old times. Sleep is goooood. Some emotions back. Some hobbies and daydreaming sort of back.

There was an era of “the horror” and that’s totally gone now.


This is probably one if not the biggest challenge of our lives. Imagine the day when we get better, you will be stronger than ever.


We pfs people need to be the strongest on earth my friend. We are here becoz of our own insecurity, we are those people who thought no girl would like us if we are bald/or have acne. With Antidepressant victims, its different. But there is no one in this world we can blame, not even those fucking docs who gave us this prescription. Most important thing we have to do is to stop compare ourselves with normal people and to keep hope. We will need to try atleast, for making our health better. Don’t lose hope. Sometimes, even living is an act of courage.


I believe there will if you take action to recover. Many did before us who had the worst of symptoms, why wouldn’t you?

And don’t forget the mind is a strong tool, it’s crucial to stay positive.

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As the original poster you’ve already undermined the purpose of the thread as stated in the title you gave it.


you are right, sorry

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Hey yadek I’m sorry you’re having a tough time mate.

I’ve realised that PFS has changed me and I’m not the same person. Things are not as easy as they once were. But I’m not going to let it stop me from achieving the goals i have set for myself. I’m adapting to my situation and I am resilient. I’m no longer scared. Knowing that I will persevere has given me optimism for the future. I hope you find a way to adapt as well.


how long did it take

about 8 months