Would you rather

Be blind and get cured of PFS or stay with PFS.

I would keep PFS. You?


Lol idk man. I think the same but only in the condition that I don’t develop other stuff and I’m as I am for life

Tough one I think I’d rather go deaf or lose a limb to go back to pre PFS

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Interesting. I would consider losing a limb, maybe my non dominant arm.

Or maybe my dominant one so then I could force myself to train the other one :smiley:


Blind any day of the week- in fact they can have my arms and legs while they are at it.

Wow really? At least with PFS people won’t judge you from first glance. And with PFS it has its ups and downs, mostly downs but still.

If my eyes keep on being dry like this, it wouldnt be long till i go blind…BTW. am i the only one with sever dry eyes`?Anyone found a solution for that?..Im trying Testosteron eye drops, but this will take weeks till a compounding pharmacy make it for me…


I have it as well

I’d rather suck every PFS willy if it meant I’d be cured of this nonsense. :laughing:


No I have it too. For 2 years now

There’s no ups and downs for the worst of us. I’ve had PSSD for about 2 years and it’s been none stop torture. And a lot more than just sexual damage too

Warm compresses 15 minutes per day and preservative free artificial tears every couple of hours. You can put a warm mask on as you fall asleep to get the dry eye treatment and a relaxing sleep mask as you snooze off. Lid wipes help as well, since staph on our lids and lashes has exotoxins that can be irritating.

If this basic step doesn’t work, I’d recommend going to an eye doc with dry eye specialty services.

I think I´d have to choose stay with PFS. My wife in going to be blind at some point though, because of the eye sickness. So I´d need to stay with PFS to take care of my 4 year daughter. Few years ago life was really awesome and the future looked bright but it have turned into this overall horror with no escape.


I’m really sorry to hear this. My best wishes and hopes to you and your family.


Best wishes. Does she have cataract?

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Would give an arm for sure.

No, not cataract. She had a child rheumatism at 6 years old and got chronic uveitis that time. That led to high pressures on eyes. That time both eyes were under surgery and the other was “piped” to lower the pressure and the other was done other way. So the piped eye apparently was done wrong and that eye lost ability to see and has been “dead” since then. The other eye is still functional although that has been under several other surgery, for example the eye “lens” have been removed totally etc. And that eye´s pressures has been near 0 few years ago. But with drugs it has been revived to somewhat life again. But of course that wont last functional forever.

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Try clinitas preserv free eye drops. Ive had dry blood shot eyes for 20 years now and these are the best drops on the market. Occasionally use prednisone preserv free drops too. These bring back the sparkle and encourage tears. Be mindful though as pred interferes with cortisol and vasopressin. So you could get a brief restbite in terms of anxiety and urination problems followed by a mini crash. Caution on the pred. Clinitas is v good

LOLOLOL :nauseated_face:

I was talking with my buddies while in high school. We were asking each other about could you live without limbs, deaf or blind etc.

I usually said that, I only need eyes and my dick intact, as a matter of fact I thought I would kill my self for sure if lost it.

Yet, it happened so slowly over the time I did not feel exactly what I have lost :frowning:

I realized it when I have a brief recovery with AI now I lost it again because it is not sustainable in long term but now my hopes are high at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me.