Would using Nolvadex+dhea be a good idea?

I’m feeling like absolute hell im getting heart problems now i wanted to know has anyone here tried either dhea or nolvadex if so share your experiences i read a study about 400mgs of dhea skyrocketing dht levels i know dhea is also good for heart health now with nolvadex i hear it lowers prolactin and increases dopamine and blocks the effects of estrogen my theory is the nolvadex will help the dhea go the testosterone dht route instead of going to estrogens please help im dying over here :disappointed:

I tried both, not at the same time though. Both have not had any effect on me, except for what nolvadex is supposed to do. Sometimes I still use it for gyno, but that’s about it.
No further effect for me.

What have you tried that helped you?

To be honest bro, nothing…
I have tried a lot of supplements over the last 4 years and all I can say is the more you try the worse you get. Also stay away from drugs, those deffinetly made me worse.

I guess it’s a bit of a double standard cuz I am still trying things, for example I’m on TRT right now and trying anti estrogen herbs.

But I I could go back in time I wish I hadn’t tried anything just stay as heathly as you can and let your body do the healing.

I wish i could go back in time also i feel like a eunuch

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You and me both my man. But that’s easy to say, all I want now is to try and get better hence my TRT and trying things. But everyone needs to make that decision for himself, so if you try anything I wish you good luck and keep us updated :wink:

Thanks man maybe i need trt

Do your research bro, don’t just start injecting shit. Things can always get worse, better a healthy eunuch than one with heart problems… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true

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