Worst crash ever from B vitamins, seriously?!

Hello guys,

it’s been half a year since I took a b complex, magnesium, algae oil (omega 3) and alpha lipoic acid for my neuropathy. I started at the beginning of last august and about mid august I had the worst crash ever, it feels even worse than when my PSSD started:

  • the last poor rest of my libido is gone
  • I even have erectile dysfunction now, the only thing that was still working
  • pelvic floor feels completely “smashed”
  • terrible worsening of anhedonia
  • derealization/depersonalization
  • insomnia

I quickly figured out it must have been the B complex. I had taken all the other sppplements before, even B12 as an injection, but never crashed. Only when I added the B complex. It was a natural extract of tulsi, lemon and guava with the following values per daily ration:

5.5 mg of B1 (500% of RDA)
5 mg of B2 (357% of RDA)
8 mg of B3 (50% of RDA)
9.5 mg of B5 (158% of RDA)
5.5 mg of B6 (393% of RDA)
175 micrograms of B9 / B11 (87% of RDA)
and 1000 mcg hydroxcobalamine (B12) as injection one time per week

I have read the other crashes caused by B vitamins and other methyl donors on this forum and am now terrified of having made myself permanently worse. Have B vitamins now gave me the rest, has anyone recovered from this and gone back to his baseline? What can I try, lithium orotate or sodium butyrate to demethylate again? Come on guys, I only took fucking B vitamins, there must be a solution.

If you keep experimenting you might get worse

Just let time do the healing and help us get more studies funded to figure out how to solve this

No one can answer whether you’ll get back to baseline or not. People tend to improve in time with some symptoms but there’s no way to know besides sucking it up and waiting


These conditions are too strange, they still have to understand if a 5ARI alone causes all of this or for example there is a second factor that we don’t know, for example another chemical stimulus (in food?) or viral stimulus. I don’t think the B vitamins directly can do this to you. I emphasize DIRECTLY. Or if the androgen receptors are desensitized, perhaps the vitamin metabolites fail to bind to the sites and overload something else. I have not the foggiest idea.

No more answers…? I’m nearly bedbound now and very suicidal, I need help! I’ve read the posts from AnhedonicApe who also crashed from a methyl donor and reported exactly the same, he killed himself a few months later. That scares the hell out of me…

I’ve had multiple crashes the 1 last year being the most damaging but I’m still here. Do not give in to this it will not kill you. Anhedonic Ape was a great and strong man but he didn’t wait it out and assumed a worsening state No one knows what lies ahead but we do know spontaneous recoveries have happened even after years. Be very mindful what your putting in your body. Avoid 5 aris etc. We’ll beat this shit together


Hey mate. I had a massive second crash at the end of last year which left me bedbound for two months. I thought my life was over, but one day I suddenly started to recover. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve seen some great improvements which I never thought could be possible.

My point is, don’t catastrophise like I did. Recovery is very much possible for you, you just need to give it time. Furthermore, I have seen many instances of people recovering from B vitamin crashes specifically.

I also second what @LazarusRy said. Suicide is never the option because you lose all chance of getting better.

Stay strong, and PM me if you need someone to talk to.

P.S. I just saw you mention you were thinking about taking sodium butyrate. DO NOT do that. It’s well documented as being dangerous for us. Stay away from all supplements and pharmaceuticals in general.


Thanks guys, I will try to stay strong.
I have rejected the idea of sodium butyrate, I am sick of supplements. I am taking tongkat ali though, basically just a ground food. It seems to help a bit but unfortunately not like before the crash.