Worsening with time

I have had PSSD for seven years after an adverse reaction to only 7 drops of Citalopram, with symptoms similar to a serototin syndrome. It sounds shocking but the first two years of PSSD I was relatively well, I had some sexual dysfunction, but I could train hard with weights. I am 1.75 cm tall and weighed 80 kg of solid muscles, then over time with the worsening of erectile dysfunction my hemorrhoids also worsen, this after an idiot neurologist prescribed me a supplement with tryptophan that I stupidly took for 9 days , before throwing it in the trash. Since then my haemorrhoidal condition has continued to worsen, until 4 years ago, since then I have had to stop weight training, and from there it has been a meltdown. I have lost 12 kg, I have third degree hemorrhoids after going to the bathroom I have to lie on the bed for two or three hours, to return the hemorrhoids to their natural position. ED is better now, but the hemorrhoids have gotten worse.

A month and a half ago during an eye examination I had an adverse reaction to an anesthetic eye drops, called Benoxinate (oxybuprocaine), and from there I was found a pathology in my right eye called Central serous chorioretinopathy (CSR).

Since I had to stop training with weights, my PSSD has literally worsened, the first two / tree years, I often forgot that I also have this syndrome. I hope that if I solve some of my physical problems to go back to training.

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Fix your gut, it’ll constantly release toxins as you eat gluten/sugar and overtime you’ll slowly get worse and worse.

Having gut problems aka serotonin problems before taking a medicine, makes you very sceptible for getting these kinds of diseases

I hope things have improved with time, did your hemorrhoids settle @Luke83 I’m having big trouble with them both internally and externally it’s not something mentioned on here very often tbh.