Worse symptoms in morning?

I seem to feel worse in the morning and much better at night.

For example, in the morning my anxiety and depression is more prevalent. Libido is also less. By night, I have zero anxiety and no depression.

Anyone else experience the same thing?


yes, me, the same thing.

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It’s variable but yes, mapped on my personal long term trends, the evenings are generally better than mornings. I did used to be a bit of a night owl before pfs.

Same! My condition is much better after 7PM.
When wake up time and during daytime, I’m always feel fatigue and no energy, no motivation.
But after 7PM, I feel much better. less fatigue more energy. So i can play a game and sing a song.(my hobby)
I can playing until 1AM. And sleeping 7 hours straight,
feel fatigue, no energy…same.
Want to know the reason!

Same here I feel better at night, penis hangs lower and a little Fuller, all day it’s shrunk, wrinkled and retracted.

Don’t know what is the cause. Maybe cortisol, may be work stress.

Testosterone is lower at night.

It’s the same for me. When I have a bad phase I cannot wait for the evening as I usually get some relief then (and it really sucks when I don’t, which is rare, fortunately). And I hate to go to bed knowing I will wake up too early and in a bad state.

Testosterone is high at morning and low at night generally. AR overexpression theory is comprehensible.

Exactly that is what I am thinking about.
Either testosterone or cortisol. Interestingly my morning cortisol is at bottom end of range.

mine is not, because I am on TRT. but for those who aren’t on TRT, this is true.

Exactly also to me this.

Hi there, gents93! Is TRT working for you? How long have you been on It?

5 years. I was on it before I was affected

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I feel the same way feel like I get hit by a train when I wake up mornings and throughout the afternoon but feel way better by evenings more energy and less fatigue and more clear headed

Hi gents93
Is the TRT working
Are you on it due to finasteride

No I am not on it due to fin. I’ve never taken any kind of AA.

It works and doesn’t work. Tough to explain. But long story short- it doesn’t work the way it should & it used to.

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I’m the exact opposite. My anxiety creeps up at night and the daytime I’m in an overall good mood.

posts like this make me think that im actually alone. If anxiety and depression and libido were the worst of my concerns after finasteride i would be functional. fml