Work advice - urgent please help

Hey guys,

As some of you might know I’m suffering from a pretty extreme crash due to Prozac. Currently in my college town, was taking some time off to just play music and work before graduate school. Unfortunately, I’m now in this situation and my plans have likely changed. I will probably be moving back home with my mother for the time being to focus on getting stable again. My grandmother will be coming from India to spend time with me so I can focus on regaining some semblance of my health. Unfortunately, I signed a lease on a new apartment down here before the crash, when I was mostly recovered. I now have to pay $580 a month in rent. My father passed recently and so my mom is a single mother and it will be expensive for her to pay this off. So I need to find a way to help with finances. I’m in a pretty bad state right now (anhedonia, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, suicidal thoughts), so I would need something pretty calm and chill. Does anybody have any ideas? Thank you

What are the skills you have? What have you done before? When are you available to work?

Could you deliver pizza?

Could you design a website?

Could you teach people a skill?

I graduated college with my degree in History recently. I’ve done a lot of customer service stuff, but I don’t know if I could handle that right now honestly

I think the best thing to do is look at the skills you have, the ones that other people don’t and are therefore valuable and work out how to monetise them, if possible.

What did you intend to do with your history degree? Can you still?

I do not recommend fast food work, especially if you are uncomfortable with customer service. I suggest a long term care facility such as an assisted living facility or a nursing home. It took attention away from my condition seeing people who were much worse off. Sadly, I fled the medical field as a form of protesting after the supreme court passed a ruling affecting healthcare workers that I disagreed with. I was not going to allow myself to be pressured into getting the covid vaccine after I already had covid.

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Even before all of this I can’t handle fast food and on top of that went home horribly ill every single shift. I lasted a couple weeks before I couldn’t take it anymore. I currently work in retail and have had my current position for the past 5 years, I just do the best in the minimum wage environment and can’t get much else. In fact if I leave I probably won’t be getting another job, I’ve applied to everywhere else in the area and got one interview that led to nothing. It’s a scary situation, I may in the future when my store goes under be forced into disability. I should look into the assisted living facility/nursing homes as backup because I never thought of that but that’s going to be depressing. I’ll do it unlike hospital work which is so bad for me I won’t consider it like fast food though.

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I could never handle fast food when I was at my worst. It’ll be 5 months in less than a week since beginning. Easily the toughest job I ever had, at least so far. I recon retail would be easy by comparison, more downtime and breaks. I feel trapped, want out. As you said, getting another job would be a difficult if not impossible task. Looking for a job is a job in itself, and out of countless places, this is the only place to score an interview. Many others eventually contacted me after I got the job, asking if I was still interested, but the early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. 1 good thing is at least the aprons cover up my boners. There is no hiding a boner in medical scrubs. I wasn’t getting boners in those days anyway.

A word of caution though: If you ever must apply for disability, consult a lawyer first. If you apply and get denied, many will refuse your case if you try to appeal. They want to work on your case from the beginning, not work to undo any mistakes you may have made before getting them involved.


I feel you working in general while going through this is no fun and I even on my better days enjoy interacting with people. Fast food is definitely one of the toughest jobs in general, you have so much to pay attention to all at once, things get extremely chaotic, there is so much to remember, and everyone is miserable. The chaos of it I also wasn’t able to handle, at least in retail you have a little more space to breathe and time to integrate what you learn. Like I can go into my workplace and just automatically do my entire shift without anyone eve telling me what to do. Often my goal is just acting like a normal human enough to get to the end of shift and getting back home. I don’t really get spontaneous boners anyways cause I can control it enough, working with the public over so many days when you’re extremely horny just gives you that super power. Usually those feelings are over shadowed by stress there though.

I’ll keep it in mind, I’ve never tried before because I’ve been lucky with close jobs I can walk to in the past years. Can’t drive due to my sensory and attention issues in a car. I definitely have some sort of undiagnosed neuro-developmental condition but my parents only cared to try forcing me to try to be normal even with my cognitive, social, sensory, and attention problems so I only later when I was so disabled I could barely hold anything together got slapped with schizoaffective and I been stuck in therapy at the clinic since (though at least they’re alright there and a decent therapist). As I got older I only got sicker. If I’m on the correct supplement stack for myself and diet I can appear quite normal but I had to do a lot of experimentation with all of that and my lifestyle to get here. To totally prove how sick I am I’d need to actually make myself even more sick which would be very dangerous as my entire nervous system, immune system, and rest of my body with it would go out the window on me. It’s a tough situation but I still have my current job so I’m trying to just do my thing right now and not worry about this at the moment.