Wobenzym n / Inflammation

Hey guys,

The prostate doc I am seeing in Toronto recommended I start taking 2 wobenzym n tabs twice daily, 45 before or an hour after food. Also gave me zithromax for a prostate infection. Diagnosed through prostate fluid and semen sample.

I took the wobenzym n before the ab’s and almost immediately noticed improvements… both in erectile function and less soreness in my shoulders, feet. So I’m blaming the positive changes on it instead of the ab’s.

I’m having serious nocturnal erections the last few days. I think I’ve only been on the wob for about a week and I was going to wait longer before highly recommending, but, I don’t see the point. I want to know if this helps anyone else or not.

It’s great for digestion too.

If someone gets there hand on the stuff, please report back if it helps.

This is the brand I got and I think there may be other brands not as good.



Keep us updated.

What did the semen / prostrate fluid examination reveal, exactly?

Youre taking 2 different things, which would you suspect is helping you more… Wobenzym is just a supplement… I think the reaction youre getting is more then likely from the abs.


pus, pus clumps, calcifications, micro something or others.

I’ve had 3 drainings. takes about 5 minutes and the first time was extremely painful, last time was about 1/3 the pain level.

again, not saying wob n is a cure or prostate infections is what causes all the shit here.

problem is more with the left side of the prostate he says.

I had erection benefits while just on the wob n… before I started the ab’s. perhaps now it’s both or just the ab’s. I can’t say for sure.

Anyone else try Wobenzyme? I just took it today and will report back anything. How are ppl not trying this?

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Yes I will - next couple days

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how was the effect?