Without energyyyyy

What’s more, everything affects me is the lack of energy tires. To older users of this forum, did you have any improvements on these issues?

It’s fatigue!

I had fatigue for one year. Never get out of bed before 3 pm. Now it cleared off but anhedonia and lonlyness is so hard that I still lay on the couch now.

With some social contacts you can live a good life again.

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anhedonia is one thing, lack of energy itself is another.
I want to go to the gym but I’m weak and without energy. Did you gradually improve from fatigue or did you wake up overnight without fatigue?

I am back on this forum after a few years, almost near back to normal.

The thing that helped most was Shilajit, my libido is back and head feeling
itchy again.

People on this forum should do some research Shilajit, it boosts testosterone
and also DHT. It has about 80 different minerals, the one I got from UK comes
from Northern Pakistan.

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Should we scrap the epigenetic project or do this in parallel


Do this in parallel

Has anyone in the first few months after the crash felt burning in the muscles with muscle loss? Please guys, answer me.

My muscle and fat/collagen loss is often preceded and/or accompanied by a dull ache but I wouldn’t call it burning. It’s been happening all along and 11 months in it still happens at varying intervals.


Fatigue ist the only thing that improves, it will go away, but zest for life levels are hard to reach. It improves steadily over years.


Do you feel any permanent improvement from Shilajit or have to continuously take it? I’m thinking of taking it at well. It’s known as “destroyer of weakness and conqueror of mountains”

Has 85 minerals, Alexander the Great gave it to his soldiers, seems to support proper enzyme functioning and has adaptogenic properties, procognitive properties, increases teastosterone, enhances mood and libido, among other benefits.

I have tried many herbs since I stopped Propecia in Feb 2012 but Shilajit has
been the most beneficial to me. It has even bought back my morning wood, I have
lost body fat and my head is feeling itchy again which means it also increases dht.

There is alot of fake shilajit around, If you are in the UK then this is the place I got
mine from.

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I just bought some I’ll let you know if it has any effect. Again it’s just another supplement so I’m not keeping my hopes up but what the hell do I have to lose lol


Send news when you to test


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4948208/ Here’s this study I found on shilajit a good read if anyone has the time.

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I can’t understand how I have muscle loss and my CPK was within the reference value. I asked my doctor if there is a way to lose muscle and the cpk is within the reference value and he said it is impossible.

I have fatigue too. I wake up tired every day since one year. Any advice?

It’s been 2 months since I had the crash and I was like this, having moments of a lot of fatigue. Morning has always been the same, very tired. In that 1 you didn’t have any improvement? what are your symptoms? I have moments when it seems like I don’t have any problems, but there are moments when I seem like an old man with no energy.

Where you losing muscle when the tests very conducted or had you stabilized already? Also did you lose any weight or just visual muscle loss?

As you can see in this study the ck was normalized within 3 weeks of quitting for this person.

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I wake up tired and sometimes I feel better in the afternoon. Specially I feel the legs very weak. I get tired walking up some stairs of my house. I seem like and old man in his 70’s a lot of days. Some weeks or days I’m better and I feel hope but that doesn’t last very much.

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did you had muscle loss?