Wider than we think

Hi guys.
When I placed a post on my fb page in May of this year (less than 200 freinds) 2 seperate responses one person saying he’d come off fin becuae of symptoms then another saying she knew someone who committed suicide. A few weeks ago I was in a health clinic and the receptionist said it had destroyed her husband. Then today a freinds cousins ex partner has been talking about killing himself, you guseed it he’s on propecia. How nany men are out there with pfs. This is an epidemic.


None of my friends knew I was starting it. I imagine the majority of people don’t tell anyone.


Agreed Greek I told no one either.

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I told my friends I was on something but no one told me it was dangerous… People were like, well if it makes you feel better about yourself, go for it… Had I known…
Now honestly : 4 months off I thought I would have been in a far far far worse place… Need improvement on libido and ED, but suicide ideations are gone, brain fog is less less frequent… Sleep could be better but overall, when I see some guys here I don’t complain that much at 4 months… Ryan, my friend, you are in my thoughts daily will reach out to you soon. And you are right an epidemic is on its way with that shitty drugs prescribed like smarties…


I highly doubt PFS is rare I think many people are just not aware of the condition and also to top it the sexual side effects are humiliating and embarrassing for most to even come out and speak about that aspect alone.


Thank jules mate


Broadly, my personal view is that this is a huge health disaster affecting tens, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. Probably more. It is a giant health disaster happening line by line in front of our eyes. You are reading it, right now. You took Propecia. You took Accutane. You took an SSRI. You fucked your brain and body - but nobody told you that was happening.

Our move in response is what matters. We’re the emergency response unit. We’re the people sent in to clean up the damage. We’re the people who will clean up the mess. None of us here asked for this. But, by god, we are going to solve this fucking mess.


I’ll take a pep talk any day over your fucked for 20 years to life.


I have also randomly met many people who have had side effects from finasteride and saw palmetto - a sizeable fraction of the full sample of people I have met who have taken the toxins.

I have estimated before – perhaps not very scientifically but I could try to do better – that there are around 500,000 people with PFS from finasteride alone. The combined number of people with PFS from all the other endocrine disruptors - accutane, saw palmetto, SSRIs, etc - is perhaps multiple times as high. So there are definitely millions of people in the world with this condition.

But it doesn’t matter if there are 2 million or 200 million people with PFS. With no visibility, proof of existence, etc, it is as if we don’t exist. This has been true historically for other victimized groups as well.

For millennia, people - and “science” - believed gay people were 1% of the population or less. It turned out - or it will turn out eventually - they are more like 20% of the population. How do you oppress and make invisible 20% of the population for millennia? How is that physically possible?

It’s simple: fear and silence.


One of my friends was a big time Fin supporter, actually he introduced me to fin 1st, i clearly remember our first conversation about fin, i told him that i hate medication because of nasty side effects he reassured me that he and some of his friends are taking( i was talking about chemical medication side effect in general to that date i didnt know about fin or propecia) so he convinced me and i went to a dermatologist and he double convinced me … fast forward to my crash i was explaining him a few weeks after my crash how fin is destroying my life he told me his cousin also feel ASEXUAL after taking fin(even after stopping it) and he doesnt feel like to socialize anymore, so i guess fin affects consumers but the level differs from person to person(imao 2% side-effects is pure 100% bullshit)


Who told you? The friend who recommended it? What a great friend.


Yup the same guy, i crashed few years after my first dose, i took a few pills on and off between those years… so back then when he was pro fin his cousin was ok too, aside from that he introduced fin out of ignorance and stupid trust over pharma companies so it wasnt intentional , even now i think he is taking it secretly. But still that doesnt change the fact that he is a shitty friend

I introduced a mate to it and he knows about pfs from me and is still on it. My wife was gossiping with his Mrs and she mentioned after a few glasses of wine, he can’t have sex without viagra. I think it’s far more wide spread than you’d think.


Took me two years to connect the dots. Originally thought it had to do with the NoFap flatline because I did NoFap on and off from 2016-2017. I still think there’s a chance NoFap contributed because it definitely messes with androgen signaling / receptors because 30% of people flatline from doing it. NoFap + saw was a deadly cocktail.

So many people haven’t connected the dots yet and may never connect them, especially if it’s from an evil supplement.

Prior to 2016 when my libido was strong as hell, all I did was go on dates, read books, and meet people. Over the last 3 years I’ve never had a strong urge to masturbate or go on dates. 3 years lost into the abyss


Some1 mentioned on another topic that taking propecia and its symptoms is like the boiling frog fable, mine was kind of the same too, i had some of the symptoms(very mild) while on the medication but i couldn’t figure out what is wrong with me(not to mention the symptoms were so mild, like a lil bit reduction in libido…) but after i crashed and my life was somehow paralyzed then i had plenty of time to connect the dots.