Why topical Minoxidil is dangerous?

My brother took Paroxetine (SSRI) for 4 years, without problems. Later, after quitting he started using Minoxidil 5% lotion. He has no problem. He has a lot of sex, goes to the gym and trains quietly, his muscles grow and his hair is thicker.
I have seen that some people have had PFS from Minoxidil.
Is it possible that a topical solution can create all these problems? Such as?

Yeah! If you are predisposed to PFS even topical solution can screw you up. I got few sides wile taking Minoxidil, then the Saw Palmetto tipped me down completely…

I know, but it’s absurd. It’s like saying that if you disinfect a wound with alcohol, then you get drunk …

Not the same bro! That thing was on my head all along, 24/ 7 for 6 months, and when you disinfect a wound you put the alcohol for a moment. Also, some substances are stronger than another and the skin tend to suck them in and it goes to the blood stream…

I thought the same thing… Oh, if it is topical it is safe, people been fucked using topical fin too. I was thinking by the way, if I use fin topically in order to avoid the side effects :slight_smile:

I’m loosing my hairs and i can’t stop…

Yes it’s possible. I would advise against it personally. Whether it ostensibly seems like it makes sense because of what it de facto is, whether someone else is using it without issue, whether it’s marketed as this or that: the important consideration is it has noted antiandrogenic effects like everything else causing this syndrome in the subset of people here. Please see here for citations:


yeah my anhedonia started right when i applied minoxidil

I have PSSD and when I started using Dioxin, which I think is antiandrogenic, to deal with the hair thinning from the PSSD I developed Peyronies Disease. Don’t know for sure if it contributed but just my experience. And no it doesn’t really make sense. Nothing about this hell does.

What about vitamin E in skin care products/tanning lotion etc.?

IMO all these stuff are crap, and you should not apply it on your skin.

Dunno how you are still worried about your hair…:thinking: Just forget about it and accept it. Remember, that hair and the vanity put you in this trouble, and everyone else in here…

I’m here because my anxiety and panic attacks.
I will be a wedding witness in September. In this last year I lost 10kg and 2cm of hair on my temples and forehead. I have dark circles like coal. In this year I have never been publicly seen. Every time I meet a person who has not seen me for a while he only tells me that I have to see a doctor because he seems to have aged 20 years in 10 months. I don’t want everyone to repeat the same thing to me at the wedding.

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Yeah man, I understand your pain! We all want to be normal again! Just be careful when taking stuff as it could worsen your situation.

If you refer to “Nioxin” i can tell you that it’s safe and not antiandrogenic.

You are right Nioxin. Duh. Yeah I had to think with the severe shrinkage I got that Peyronies was gonna happen regardless

Why Vitamin E? Is it an DHT blocker?