Why the doctor handed me out Fin just to try, after I denyed

Two years ago Urologist showed me a Finasterid sample pack, from the pharma sales man who left the room, when I came in. I told him that I m sexually active and he answered, ok than it isn’t the right medication than. Then I left him and he told me take this two packages with me!

It’s unbelievable but it’s a so called MD like in @grey_barons story:

“It all started last summer, when I was prescribed finasteride for what my military doctor thought was due to enlarged prostate(given my symptoms, but again I was 21 at the time), took it for 2 weeks stopped as it didn’t help urination issues.”

My urologist died on Covid. I took the two packages and stored it in my medicine sideboard.
After two years I struggled with my girlfriend an thought ok it’s over now, so do something good to your prostate.

I ignored the leflat with one of ten getting Impotent. I thought after quitting everything changes alright.

The last advice that ED can rest after quitting, I thought ok than ED rests for two weeks longer. The leflat nothing says if permanent or lang time ED.

This is what me hurt so much. This incredible string of mistakes, what killed my live.


I can relate, and I often feel like I’m living in a dream, can’t believe things turned out like this. Keep your head up :heart: